Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#79 NOW That's Pet Friendly!

As we had hoped the manager came to our door bright & early this morning. After agreeing to disagree about the up frontness of their pet policy they agreed to refund our money if we wanted to leave. They also had been on the Internet & had read some of the reviews we had given them on some of the RV forums. I do believe they just wanted us gone. We called another campground that was more than happy to have us & our dog so we hooked everything up & drove to the office to check out. When Mary walked into the office & told the manager she was there for her refund other patrons' heads spun around. This park is a "NO Refund" park & this got every one's attention. The manager then had the audacity to ask Mary to sign a form saying she would not pursue legal matters if the refund check bounced & that we enjoyed our stay. They have got to be kidding. Mary refused, took the check, & told them "Happy Internet reading". Our reviews are being posted & are receiving responses as we speak.

On down the road to our new home. This is a campground that is a work in progress. The people are friendly,helpful, & are willing to bend over backwards to make our stay pleasant. The park's recreational facilities are very nice & they are in the process of grading & enlarging sites. The utilities are also getting upgraded. Also you can walk your dog anywhere except playgrounds, pool areas, or in buildings. What a refreshing & novel idea. Oh well, disaster averted & we are settled in.

With the rest of the day to enjoy, we drove into Mystic CT. I mainly wanted to see the tall ships, the seaport, & what had changed. I had been to Mystic before but that was when I was about 10 years old. I know, that was probably when all the ships were tall ship. Anyway the centerpiece of the seaport is the Charles W. Morgan. This is the last surviving wooden whaling ship. I remember seeing her many years ago when it was not floating. It was setting on a sandy base where guest could board her & see what whaling was like in the late 19th & early 20th century. Well I guess I'm not going to see her floating again. The Charles W. Morgan is in dry dock for restoration. It is a slow & painstaking process. The seaport's restoration facility is using all the old techniques that were used to build the ship in 1841. The project start in 2008 & is expected to be completed in 2013. It is then planned to sail her out of the Mystic River, through the Long Island Sound, & out on the Atlantic Ocean.

The rest of Mystic Seaport depicts the different aspects of life in a whaling & fishing village at the beginning of the 20th century. Besides the history in the area there is the beauty. The preserved homes, colorful waterfront, & the natural splendor of the area takes one back in time. It was nice to see an area not so commercialized that it has lost it's history. In fact it's existence is based on the preservation of history. Hopefully it will be here for many more years & that I may one day see the Charles W. Morgan afloat.

Tomorrow we plan on going into Groton CT. The US Naval submarine base is near there as well as the USS Nautilus & museum. All the excitement & moving from park to park has plum tired me out so I am calling it a day from our pet & people friendly home in Connecticut because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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