Monday, June 14, 2010

#78 "Pet Friendly" not By Webster's or Anyone Else

We are here in Connecticut & the one good thing I can say is I am using the 1 hour of Free WiFi allotted. Strawberry Park in Preston CT is leaving a bad impression every step of the way. We arrive & Mary checks in while I wait in the rig with theItalic dog. Mary comes out shaking her head. This is not good. In her hand is a map with hi lighting all over the place. The girl at the check-in told us to go here & here & here & that's your spot. She doesn't understand the concept of a truck & 40' 5th wheel totaling 60' in length, but we muddle through. The sites are all angled the wrong way so that you have to back in on the blind side of the rig. OK, not fun but doable. Once we are in we notice the signs posted saying "NO Pet Walking" in this pet friendly park. We call the office & find out that we have to drive,not walk, our pet 1/2 mile to an off site pet area at the entrance to this pet friendly park. We are also told that we aren't to use our vehicles as transportation to the off site pet area in this pet friendly park. How is this to be accomplished? I don't know but they do rent golf carts,hmmm. Now this is all after we made our reservations over a month ago & were told that yes they are pet friendly & that our dog would be welcome. Some welcome,huh?

Well, the park manager at this pet friendly park was not available & the office e-mail did not work so we did what any upset patron would do. We went on the INTERNET & spoke our mind about this pet friendly park. Strawberry Park of Preston CT is not being spoken of kindly on the Internet tonight especially about their pet friendly policy. Since they do not have a working e-mail, no available manager, & only a recording in the office we walked to the office & taped a copy of what would have been in the e-mail to the door. Tomorrow morning will be interesting.

Tonight we have a more important mission which we have chosen to accept. We must walk the dog. It is now dark & the moon is waning so conditions are perfect. With out any lights in "stealth mode" the mission commences. Proceeding furtively past RVs in the dark we final have a "poop"! Mission accomplished! The only thing left is to remove all signs of our presence & destroy the evidence. Once back to home base it is time for debriefing & well deserved celebration for a "Mission Accomplished".

OK does anyone else find this ridiculous. I understand "their park their rules" but shouldn't the rules make some sense. Either you are pet friendly or you're not. They could always have had a "No Pets" policy instead of making pet owners miserable. That would have been better business if not good business. Instead they have pissed off a customer with Internet access(at the park's expense) & nothing but time to use it. That doesn't make good business sense!

We want to be up early if the manager wants a show down so it will be an early night for us in our "not so pet friendly" home in Preston CT because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Secret Agent Foxy

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