Monday, June 7, 2010

#72 "The Charge of the Iron Horse Brigade"

Motorcycles to the left of us, motorcycles to the right of us, motorcycles in front of us, motorcycles everywhere! Americade has begun. We showed up at 10:30am for the 11am sign in & were greeted by the Americade staff & easily 5000 motorcyclists. The line at the Holiday Inn already was along the whole back of the building & was starting to double back on itself. The weather was perfect, the company was friendly, & at 11am the line started to move quickly. We were done by 11:30 & went to have a free safety inspection on the bikes. We weren't worried because we take the bikes to the shop if there is ever a problem. Mary's front tire is showing some wear & she was advised to keep an eye on it. So far so good. My bike's tires were not too worn but did have an older manufacture date. Nothing serious, but again keep an eye on it. I rolled the bike forward a little & one of the techs yells "hold on!". He has found a nail in my rear tire. I get down & look at it & what do I see? A nail? It looked like a RR spike. This nail was at least 4" long & stuck into & parallel to the tread. It's holding air & we don't want to pull it out so I ride on carefully. Tomorrow when the vendors open up I guess I will be buying a new tire.

We ride home because my tire is not going on a scavenger hunt today. We have some lunch & head out to the opening day ceremonies. We meet some of the organizers, see a couple of riding demonstrations, & check out some of the bikes we may take out for a spin. The dealers are here with demos of a variety of models so we figure why not? Maybe we will find our new bikes. Something we just can't live without. I was looking at a smaller bike that would be easier to load into the trailer & Mary is looking at a $23,000 Victory Vision. This thing looks like the futuristic motorcycle from the movie "Judge Dred"! We will have to talk. Anyway, we move on to the end of opening day festivities which include over $4000 in door prizes. As they were giving out the prizes my mental calculator figured the number to be at least $5000 & probably more. Not that it matters since we didn't win anything. But not to worry, there will be other door prizes & raffles throughout the week. Cross your fingers for us, there are some really nice prizes to be had.

It has been a long day with emotional ups & downs. Tomorrow I go in search of a tire, hopefully at the crack of dawn. Maybe I can get it taken care of early so as not to ruin the rest of the day. Tomorrow evening is our dinner cruise which promises to be lots of fun. So off to bed I go with visions of tires & new motorcycles dancing in my head, in my bed, in our home in Lake George

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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