Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#86 You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Post Office But...

OK, I know this is going to sound like an advertisement but I've got to say it. If anyone is in the Milford NH area & needs a motorcycle shop you have to go see the Mullin Family @ Soughegan Valley Motorsports. You already know that they got my bike in on the spot & promised it in record time but there is more. I went to pick it up Tuesday & as promised it was ready & at the price quoted. Scott(you remember him,breakfast?)was busy with another customer so we were just looking around when George(Scott's dad) asked if he could help us. We told him we were just waiting for Scott & the next thing you know we are all talking like one big happy family. There was Scott's racing in Daytona, when Mary started to ride, our traveling in the RV, etc. Then it was back to business. I paid the bill & Scott brought my bike around & we were ready to go. But not yet! George wants to know our shirt sizes? All of a sudden we are walking out with shirts & kickstand pads. They tell us to come back if we are ever in the area just to visit & you could tell they really meant it. The only thing I can say is the RV life has us meeting the nicest people I could ever have imagined. The Mullin Family are now our friends.

Well today we went to Lake Winnipesaukee. As promised the lake was beautiful & there was a bonus! We took a boat tour of the lake on the M/V Sophie C. Now "what is so special about that?" you might ask. Well the M/V Sophie is the only official "floating" Post Office in the United States. Yes a US Mail Boat. Almost 60 years of combined postal service & you would think we had had enough. NOPE! The people working the boat thought it was hysterical, especially when we asked if we got a Postal Employee/Retiree discount. The answer is the same to "do you get a discount on stamps?". NO! Anyway, the ride was fun, the lake was beautiful, & we got to see another side of the Post Office. We got postcards on the boat & mailed them from the M/V Sophie( which is on the postmark) to a few of our postal friends. Mary took plenty of pictures so if you are her "friend" you can see them on Face Book.

We rode back home & were tired & hungry. The round trip was just shy of 200 miles & we have plans to go out again tomorrow. So after dinner we will walk the dog & blog & e-mail & call it a day. It will be early to bed & hopefully early to rise from our home in Brookline NH because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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