Thursday, July 30, 2009

#9 North Carolina

We left Ashburn which was only a stopover. Next stop...Winder GA. Awesome state park for RVs. Fort Yargo State Park had huge RV sites, trees, a lake and it wasn't 90 freakin' degrees!!! The site had water & electric, but no sewer hook-up. We don't have to empty our waste water tanks but every 4-6 days depending on usage.

This brings us back to RVer self entertainment. I got myself a new toy! Remember that clear plastic tube that offers a wonderful view of the sewage dumping? Well I've gone one better. I have added a macerator pump. Think garbage disposal for poop!?!?! It grinds all the sewage solids & pumps it through a 3/4" hose instead of the standard gravity drain 3" hose. It also will pump the ground-up sewage up hill!!! Why, you ask is that important? Well with no sewer hook-up you have to move your whole RV to the remote dump station or use a portable waste water tank. The macerator(AKA "Poop Shooter") will pump the waste up into the portable tank in the back of the pickup truck which is much simpler to drive to the dump station. Voila! Poop is gone!!!

Ahh, the joys of RVing. And to think this is the life we voluntarily are living and enjoying!

Our business complete in Winder GA, we head to Cherokee NC area. Arrive safe & sound and see a friend we planned to meet. We will stay in the area for a month and check out the local attractions. I will keep everyone up to date on our adventures. Until then.....

Home is where we park it

Frank & Mary

Monday, July 27, 2009

#8 Leavin Florida?

Well, we spent two days visiting with the uncles. Reminisced(a bit much), laughed(a bit more), & ate(WAY TOO MUCH!). Left the east coast and headed to Ocala for a final safety check on the rig before we hit the road. Everything checked out except for the brakes. It's always something! The brakes turned out to be a minor issue, but took some time & labor before we could leave. I was determined that I was leaving FL today, so we left Ocala and headed 80 miles into GA before stopping. I am out of FLORIDA for the next 3 months!

We have been using our new satellite TV and are enjoying it in ways you wouldn't believe. First of all, you have to understand that RVers find novel ways to amuse themselves. If any of you have seen Robin Williams in "RV" then you must remember the "poop " scene. Well instead of the mess, insert a clear plastic piece of tubing so you can see what is being dumped. Watching and critiquing while the dumping process is going on can be disturbingly fascinating! That is old hat now. We have an automatic satellite dish! On a brick & stick house a satellite dish is aimed once & you are done. When your house is on wheels every time you park, the satellite dish has to be re-aimed. Our new dish stands itself upright, rotates to find a satellite, & then fine tunes it's direction & elevation so the signal can be received. This process can take 5 to 10 minutes. Imagine if you will two RVers(who will remain nameless) powering up the satellite dish and then running outside to watch the show! Hopefully the novelty will wear off or we will find a new diversion before too many people think we are completely bonkers.

Tomorrow we will head farther into GA, take care of some business, and then on to the mountains of NC for a little bit of doing nothing. Till our next post.....

Home is where we park it (for tonight it is Ashburn GA)
Frank & Mary

Thursday, July 23, 2009

#7 On Our Way

We packed everything away , hooked up our rig, & left Largo by 11:00AM. I have decided that we have too much "STUFF"! That means,if I want to get rid of some of "our" stuff I will have to start with "my" stuff. Living "Full Time" in an RV means having minimal amounts of stuff,only necessities. Uneventful trip to the east coast, but are looking foward to spending time with family.

This retirement thing can be addicting. Get where you get when you get there, hanging out by the pool, cruising around (on motorcycles) just to check out the neighborhood, or just doing nothing.

We will be visiting for a few days & then on the road!

Till my next post, Frank & Mary @ home on the East Coast because...
Home is where we park it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

#6 YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK , I am going to try this Blog thing seriously now. June 1st I was officially retired!We are planning some serious traveling now! We will be crossing Florida to see some family, then to GA for some personal business, next NC near Cherokee to see friends and stay for a while. We are planning on staying in NC for about a month. After that, Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, & who knows where. People always ask where we are headed and I always answer "which ever way the truck is pointed.

We have spent the last month getting everything ready to travel. Planning for our mail to be fowarded, bill paying set up, servicing the truck & trailer, etc. It looks like we are just about ready. July 22 is our scheduled departure or as we like to call it, the beginning of an adventure, our new life on the road!

I will try to update more regularly, heck I'm retired. What else do I have to do? Keep up with our travels and find out. To all our friends at work, we do miss you and hope you will keep in touch and we will try to do the same.

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary