Sunday, April 21, 2013

"13/#9 Still Here In The Forest

Not a whole lot to report. We are still here in the Ocala National Forest at beautiful Alexander Springs. Our work has become a routine that is letting us relax. The days consist of a few hours of medium to hard work with the rest of the day left to ourselves. Friday we finally took one of the canoes out. We didn't go far since it has been years since our last time in a canoe. A little farther each outing and in no time it will be easier for us to be out all day to do some real exploring.

Most of you know that we are staying in Florida so we can be near our family for a while. Last week we went back to Pinellas County and got to meet up with a bunch of people. We spent some time with good friends before they head back north. There was a fun dinner out with Jess and Jim. Then we went out to breakfast with our friends Alice and Larry and our youngest son Charlie. As much as we enjoyed all that we still looked forward to later that day.

Our daughter Rachel just bought herself a new home and we got to help her move in. It makes us proud to see her make a life for her and our grandkids. After the kids got home from school we helped them get their rooms set up. They are excited about us being able to visit more often and are already talking about whose room we will sleep in when we visit. I think we are even more excited about our future visits than they are.

In the next few weeks we will be visiting the uncles in Stuart. They are more excited than the grandkids about us being close enough to visit often. It will be good to see them and I know Mary will feel better knowing she can check in on them more often.

Well this is so long from our home in the forest because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary