Saturday, June 19, 2010

#81 Watch Out All Lobsters!

Apparently indicator lights mean something. The truck wound up needing an alternator. Fortunately we were able to find a dealer that specializes in big trucks. It's nice when you drive into a Ford dealer & everyone is all "GaGa" over your truck but I want someone to work on it that has seen more than one or two. This dealer kinda made our F550 feel like the little guy in the crowd. These guys worked on buses, dump trucks, semis, & as well as all the F series trucks so I felt comfortable. They had the part in stock & were able to squeeze us in without an appointment. In before 8 o'clock & out by 9:30 has got to be a record. Anyway I take it out for a test drive & after a couple of miles the light is back, *$%^(*&^%!!!!! Back to the dealer & they check everything again. It seems they got a defective rebuilt alternator from the factory. This time they put in a brand new one(no extra charge) & all was OK. Again the guys at Interstate Ford in Hartford Ct get our praise. They had to send someone for the part & even with their lunch break we were out by 1 o'clock. These are the kind of people we have met in our travels that restores our faith in humanity.

We decided to skip the Nautilus & Submarine Museum since the day was getting away from us. Instead we relaxed & started getting ready to leave the next day. After a good nights sleep we had a big breakfast & headed out for Cape Cod Massachusetts. We took our time & it still only was a 4 hour trip. We checked in at a really nice campground & got set up. After our big breakfast we wound up skipping lunch so were starving by the time we got settled in. We figured we would have dinner & spend the evening going over all the maps & brochures we had for Cape Cod. This way we could make plans for the next 7 days. The weather looks like it will be beautiful for touristing.

Saturday we planned on heading out to the "elbow" of Cape Cod with no definite destination. We will get a feel for the area & do most of our sightseeing during the week. We like to say that our plans are written in Jello because we are prone to sudden changes in our itinerary. Today was no different. We found an information center with 2 women who were a fount of information. Our new destination became Hyannis for lunch & a little downtown perusing. Lunch was a bowl of clam chowder & a tuna steak sandwich to die for. And the eating begins. We are in seafood heaven & I promised Mary all the lobster she could eat & she can eat lobster. The rest of our stay here is going to involve restaurants near sights we want to see. Hyannis was pretty but most sea side towns in tourist areas look similar. The roads are good but the drivers are NUTS! Shooting out of driveways & parking spots, & left turns right into oncoming traffic had me poopin' in my pants. Give me New York City any day!

Tomorrow we are looking into a boat ride or a scenic route out towards the end of the cape. The ride looks to be about 2 hours one way. We will see how the "Jello" holds up. For now we will call it a day from our home on Cape Cod because....

Home is where we park it,
Fran & Mary

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