Monday, June 28, 2010

#85 Good Thing It's Written In Jello

You know what they say about the best laid plans...anyway it looks like Boston may have to wait for another time. I have occasionally mentioned our furry child Foxy but there isn't usually much to say. She is 14 years old & doesn't do much more than eat, sleep, & poop. 14 is 100 people years & how many centenarians do you know that do much more than that? Well she has been slowing down even more, is having difficulty with steps, & has developed a bad cough. All this on top of her surgery in January that removed a cancerous tumor. We feared the worst & found a local vet. We didn't want any extreme measures taken so it was just an exam & some x-rays. Good news was there was nothing to indicate cancer, in fact the vet was surprised after seeing the medical records that nothing was growing back. She suspected the cough was a mild infection & sent us off with some antibiotics.

Another problem has come up. It seems that our satellite dish has crapped out on us. Of course it is a couple of weeks out of warranty so we are screwed since it looks like the whole dish might have to be replaced. It's nice to have satellite TV because it's not practical to drag thousands of miles of cable behind us. Anyway, Mary sweet talked the rep at Winegard & they agreed to replace the unit but we would have to pay the labor. That worked out nice but now we have to find a dealer,have the parts shipped, & bring the rig in to get the work done.

Oh, I didn't mention that when we got to NH one of our slide-outs was making a funny noise. So we made an appointment to have it checked out before it becomes a problem. OK, lets count... 1 day at the vet, 1 day for the satellite, & 1day for the slide. Yep, Boston will have to wait. We will try to see some of the local stuff & the park has a big shindig for the Fourth of July so it won't be a total bust. Like we try to explain to people we aren't on vacation, this is our life & poop happens in life.

So here we are living the full time RV life in our home in NH because....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & doing OK for an old girl, Foxy

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