Wednesday, June 9, 2010

# 73 Rain,Rain, Go Away...Oh Forget It!

We woke up this morning to the patter of rain on the roof & got slapped across the face with a 46deg temperature. Turn on the heat, a hot shower, & a hot breakfast & we are ready to go. Not so fast. The weather forecast is for 100% chance of rain & from the way it looks 100% of the time! Oh well, I guess this will be a down time day. I got my tire yesterday. I know that when you are at a rally the dealer's booth is at best a temporary work shop but did it have to take 5 hours to put on a rear tire? At least we were able to spend the time walking around & checking out the vendors. The vendors are set up at 2 locations & the rally was kind enough to arrange a shuttle back & forth. This way you don't have to move your bike & find another parking spot, not that I could have moved mine at the time.

As expected the vendors had everything motorcycle related that could be imagined & quite a bit not biker related. We restrained ourselves as much as we could but then we started seeing things we just couldn't live without. Let the shopping begin. Actually we didn't do so bad. We purchased a few things that we will really use & made fun of the of things that nobody will ever use, though it didn't stop people from buying them. We walked back to the first vendor area since it was down-hill & the line for the shuttle was almost as long as the walk. Mary went home on her bike & I went into the vendors to pick up mine to meet her. At the tire both I saw that they hadn't even got to my bike yet. 3 1/2 hours & it is sitting where I left it. Temporary or not this is a classic case of chaos not working. Sometime in the next few hours I am supposed to be on a boat for a dinner cruise on the lake & I would like to clean up a bit before I go. 30 minutes more & my bike is finally on the lift. After an hour more & at least 6 different mechanics my bike is returned to me & my wallet is $200 lighter.

I dash home to the trailer & quickly explain my delay. A quick splash of water, some deodorant, & a clean shirt & we are on our way. The cruise was a nice way to end the day. The food was a fried chicken buffet, the music was pleasant, & we met some nice people. The boat went from one end of Lake George to the other & back. A 2 hour ride along a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains with my best girl...what could be better?

As I said today was a wash-out. We checked e-mails, we napped, we prepped for tomorrows ride, we napped, we ate dinner, we napped, had some dessert, & decided to go to bed. Tomorrow's ride is going to be though Vermont's covered bridge area. It is also supposed to be cold with the high of only 68deg. Hopefully the rain will be over by then & we will have a clear but cold day to enjoy the scenery. So good night to all from our home in Lake George because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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