Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#80 A Slow Day

I don't know what it is with us. Whenever the weather is dreary & overcast we just poop out. You would think that after 30 years on the night shift the lack of sun wouldn't have that big of an affect on us. So we slept in, had breakfast at noon, & tried to get motivated to do some laundry. In the meantime we checked e-mail & followed up on some of the RV forums that we had been on about our recent experience at Strawberry Park. Now I personally don't mention the names of most of the parks we visit. Unless a park has a glaring defect or is exceptionally good I won't mention them by name. I feel that everything in between is open to personal interpretation, while I also feel that the best deserve mention & the worst need to be warned about. Bottom line it is my blog & it is my opinion.

Now back to the RV forums. We posted about Strawberry park on several different ones & have been getting some interesting feedback. At first it was shock & disbelief that a park would have such rules. That was expected. What happened next was not. The manager of Strawberry Park signed on one of the forums to rebut. He basically said that we were lying. Then the fur flew. Other regular posters on the forum(like Mary) went on a tirade against this guy. Saying how we all rely on each others input to have the best RV experience possible. How the word of a regular contributor is going to be taken more seriously than someone doing damage control for his business. How after looking into Strawberry Park's web site they found that just about all our claims were true. This guy started a firestorm. He would have been better off saying nothing. Now we have no illusions about shutting them down but we do hope that we have alerted our fellow RVers to a park that may not suit their needs. I know several posters on the forum have already stated that the will NOT visit Strawberry Park when they visit Connecticut.

On to the laundry. We didn't have too much but we are leaving here in 2 days & figured why not get it done. Tomorrow morning I am taking the truck in to get an indicator light checked. It's probably something minor but I want it fixed before it becomes major. If we have time after that we will try to get to the Nautilus & Submarine Museum. If not, maybe another time through Connecticut. After all we now know where & where not to stay. As I said tomorrow I want to get the truck in early so it will be early to bed tonight. Here's good night from our home in Connecticut because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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