Tuesday, June 1, 2010

# 68 Extremes

Well enough of the big city & on to the mountains of up state NY. One place where people live literally on top of each other in the NYC skyline, the other hill side farm land with miles between homes. Talk about culture shock.

We left the city & bounced our way through the never ending construction found in most big cities. Once on the highway the next surprise was the NY Thruway. We knew it was a toll road, we just didn't know we would have to take a loan for it. 5 axles adds up but at least the road was taken care of. I screwed up the mapping software so all my maps were basically garbage. Our regular maps didn't help much & Mary was getting frustrated. On top of it all she wasn't feeling well. After a rest stop for Mary I convinced her to just relax & we would eventually get where we were headed.

A stop for lunch & on to the end of the toll road. Only $28 & our last leg of the journey. We find our exit & the roads are good. One more main road & we have made it, no problem. Our last turn & a RR trestle marked 12'8". The only problem, our rig is 13'6"!!!! We call the campground to find out if there is another way. Mean while a local approaches me & tells me the bridge is mismarked. The height is actually 13'8". We inch forward with our hearts in our throats & clear the trestle. Up & down the hills for 30 more miles & we are finally set up.

We are here in Cooperstown NY for the next 2 days so this is where we will call home because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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