Thursday, June 24, 2010

#83 The Last of Cape Cod

Yesterday we took the truck into Plymouth MA. The trip was all highway, it was hot & muggy, & the truck has AC so the bikes stayed at home. Plymouth is nice to look at for the old buildings but they are all occupied by McDs, Dunkin' Donuts, divorce lawyers, driving schools, etc. so there was no reason to go inside. The plantation seemed a bit overpriced so we skipped that as well. The Mayflower II was a good photo-op but to pay to go on a replica when we already had been on a number of original tall ships at Mystic didn't seem worth the time or the price. We did go see Plymouth Rock but again it is a rock. We had more sea food 0n the pier & have found the best clam chowder so far. We gave it a "9" only because we felt it could have had more clams in it. Click click click & we had our photos of Plymouth & the harbor. Not far from down town was the Monument to the Forefathers which was quite impressive. We saw several other significant landmarks to the Pilgrim's experiences. After that we headed home.

I was looking back over my blogs & made an observation. I may be coming across as unimpressed with the sights we have been seeing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes beach is beach & ocean is ocean & a rock is a rock but each has it's own significance whether it be historical, geographical, or personally. As you have all heard or said at some time "pictures don't do justice" & that is what I am trying to get across. I could take a hundred pictures of the ocean in Cape Cod & show them as pictures from the Jersey Shore, Long Island, Cape Cod, or any ocean view along the east coast. It's not the ocean, it's where you are looking at the ocean, it's what happened at that place 50,100, 200 years ago that makes it important & that cannot be shown in pictures. It is a feeling you get that you can't explain. It is the sense of power standing in front of the White House, empathy for immigrants at Ellis Island & the statue of Liberty, the sadness at the Vietnam Memorial. We have all felt it at some time & yet we can't put it into words or show it in pictures. I will try better to do what seems impossible but know that unimpressed is not what I feel. Trust me when I am unimpressed you will know it.

Today we will take care of some business. Pay bills, check & return e-mails, & get ready to leave tomorrow. Our next destination is NH just over the border from MA. We are planning to see Boston from there. So I had better get busy around our home here in Cape Cod because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Hi Frank and Mary--I thought the Plymouth Plantation was a tourist trap and we never did go in to see it. By the way, Sare' is a direct descendant of Governor Bradford. Her English side was traced back by her mother who passed away some time ago. But you know you have already experienced the history of the US when you visited Saint Augustine. A wonderful city (1564) and a great place on the Atlantic Ocean. We are glad you are having a good time exploring together. In NH you might want to try the Clam Box in Ipswich MA for delectible seafood and just down the street is an ice cream place that serves my favorite flavor "Frozen Pudding". Happy travels!