Sunday, June 6, 2010

#71 Christmas in June?

It is Sunday night & I can't sleep. Why? Tomorrow is the start of the Americade! Vroom,vroom, the bikes are rolling into town. The campground has been filling up at a steady pace & it looks like soon there will be no more room. A full 3/4 of the rigs are tow-behinds or 5th wheels & 3/4 of them are toy haulers. I've never seen so many toy haulers in one place before. The rest of the rigs are mostly class As with trailers. Of course out of every toy hauler & trailer comes....tada...a motorcycle! Bikes of every make & model, bikes of every color, & bikes with more customizing than can be imagined. The bikers are also of an eclectic variety. We have seen everything from older prim & proper couples on Goldwings to hard core, tattooed, sleeveless ( who think shaving/bathing/underwear is optional) chopper riders. Some of the latter group look like they got into biker mode over the weekend & aren't really as scary as they look.

Monday is registration & opening ceremonies. The vendors will be open for business & the fun & insanity will start. It will be a week of seminars, exhibitions, rides, & parties. We signed up in advance for a number of events & plan on being busy all week. Mary will be taking pictures & I will be blogging but most of all we will be having a blast. After looking forward to this for 2 years I can't believe I am really here. It's like Christmas eve! Well, I guess I better go to bed & close my eyes or the Americade won't come. So like a kid in a toy store I grudgingly say good night from our home in Lake George because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Oh Great !! we know you'll have FUN! enjoy every minute -- we always felt the same way at the "special fly-ins" we flew to. B ;+) & J %+)