Saturday, June 26, 2010

#84 I Love Small Town USA

Here we are in Brookline NH. We are spittin' distance from Massachusetts & will use this as our home base to see Boston. Now I am looking forward to Boston but it is a pretty decent size city. Where we are is about as far from big city as you can get. Let me tell you about it. Let's back up a little. While in Lake George I noticed my bike acting funny. In Cape Cod it got worse & was looking more & more like a clutch problem. Fortunately there is a Kawasaki dealer just down the road who can take it in right away since we won't be in the area long. I drop the bike off & ask for a good place to have breakfast & we get an enthusiastic reference to Cafe on The Oval.

Cafe I get, but Oval? Well it seems that the town of Milford has an "oval" in it. On Cape Cod they are called rotarys, in other places round-a-bouts, & in Clearwater Fl a cluster##$%@! Well the directions are a little confusing but wind up being simple enough. Drive straight into town & come to the "oval" , on the third side of the triangle(yes the oval is a triangle) is the Cafe on the Oval at 241 Union Square. SQUARE?!?!?!? Yes, the "oval" shaped like a triangle is called Union Square! Anyway, we find the place & if the triangular oval called Union Square isn't downtown Mayberry then it is it's twin. Well breakfast was great & everybody knew everybody. We told the waitress someone at Kawasaki sent us & she all but sat down with us & wanted to know was it George or Barbara, or their sons. I said I think his name was Scott & she said ,"Oh Scott & Sarah come in here every Saturday" & almost got to telling us what they ate here.

Next to the cafe was a little one man real estate office. We stuck our heads in to ask if there was a AAA office nearby. 30 minutes later not only did we have directions to AAA we had more suggestions on things to do in the area than AAA would ever have come up with. And as an afterthought he asked if we were interested in buying in the area. I felt bad telling him no but any other answer & we would never have gotten out of there.

At AAA we got some maps & information on getting to Boston. I don't know, but as helpful as everyone was they all wanted to know why we wanted to go to Boston & then they made that face. You know when they scrunch up their nose like someone farted. I guess when you live just this side of heaven there's no reason to go anywhere else.

Got some groceries & headed home. Scott from Kawasaki called & said it was the clutch & if I wanted he would have the parts overnighted to him & I could have the bike back late Tuesday. Now it is 4pm on Saturday so the order won't go in till Monday & I will have my bike back Tuesday? Back in Pinellas County it would take that long to get an appointment! I love Small Town USA. People just want to help you, they are naturally friendly, & most of all you can tell it is sincere.

We have been busy & are tired so I am calling it a day at home in Brookline NH because...

Home is where we park it,
Fran & Mary

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