Sunday, December 11, 2011

'11/#56 Big News Just Not Much News

I can't seem to find the time or material to write on a regular basis. We are busy but that is all...just busy. Not too much excitement or stuff that I think is worth blogging about. We have gotten together with some friends & we are just about ready for Christmas but so is everyone else. So what do I write about?

Well we did get sick about 2 weeks ago. Mary was a lot sicker than I was but the timing couldn't have been worse. The epidemic started just before our new grandson was born. Of course that meant that we couldn't go see him. Being sick & denied the chance to see him was more than we wanted to deal with but it did give us incentive to get well. We did finally get to hold the little guy 6 days after he was born & it was worth the wait. We are the proud grandparents to Jayden Joseph born 12/2 & weighing in at 8lb 12oz. Mom & baby are doing great & Grandmommy & Granddaddy are bragging about grandchild #6 to anyone who will listen & stand still long enough for us to show pictures.

We are getting ready for Christmas here in the park. Mary is helping out with the Christmas dinner & I am working on some decorations. In between we are decorating our home & wrapping presents. This summer was spent doing more than sight seeing & working at Dollywood. We also did just about all our Christmas shopping. In fact, we considered our shopping done by the time we got back to Florida. That doesn't mean we didn't pick up a few things here & there once we got back, it just means that there is time left on the calender & money left in the bank. Oh well....'tis the season.

Well that brings everyone up to date, so until next time I have something to blog about, good night from our home in Largo because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary