Friday, April 27, 2012

'12/#19 We Made It & What A Trip

Leaving Colorado put us on the last 2 legs of our journey. We crossed the border into Wyoming & the excitement between us was starting to peak. We had one more overnight stay before arriving in Cody, our final destination. It has been nothing if not an interesting & challenging trip. With attack trees, blown tires, & self inflicted concussions, added to the people we have met & the country side we have seen there will be plenty to talk about around the campfire.

Our first stop in WY was in a little dot on the map called Douglas. There was a nice KOA there that suited our needs. Douglas also seems to be the home of the infamous & mythical Jackalope. Gluing antlers on the head of a stuffed rabbit is a desperate grab at notoriety. I was punished for making fun of the Jackalope the following day.

The next morning  the GPS pointed me to a direct route to the interstate. The road was smooth & we arrived at I-25 quickly. The only problem was the overpass with the 12'10" sign attached. Our trailer stands approximately 13'3" which meant getting on the interstate going the wrong way for about 5 miles. Then getting off at the next exit which did not have an off ramp-to-on-ramp transition. That meant driving off the highway to find a place to turn around, get back on I-25, & double back 5 more miles before we could continue on our way. My apologies the the spirit of the Jackalope, I have learned my lesson.

We stopped about 50 miles down the road to make our final fuel stop before the last 200 miles to Cody. With a full tank we were ready for the final leg of our journey. We were off the interstate & back to 2 lane roads. The roads took us through farm land, grazing pastures, & mountains. Did I say mountains? I mean lots of mountains. We were going over, around & through the Rockies. There were passes over 7000', canyons that would give a claustrophobic fits, & tunnels that made me glad we weren't more than 13'3". It was an amazing & beautiful journey.

That is enough for today. We have some chores to do after 26 days on the road & I will blog some more tomorrow. So goodnight from our home here in Cody WY(finally!) because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Hi Guys .. great writings, Frank .. we'll be following you & Mary .. have a wonderful experience ... smiles ;+)beryl