Thursday, April 5, 2012

'12/#11 Like A Herd Of Turtles!

It is Thursday & the adjustor is finally here. It looks like things are finally moving forward at the blistering pace of a herd of turtles. (Thank you Pat for that sarcastic analogy.) My roof patch had to be pulled off so they could see the damage but we are expecting some severe weather this afternoon & continuing right on through tomorrow. Someone is going to have to cover the hole to keep the rain out. I guess it will be me if no one else gets to it.

 Once he gets things OK'd the shop can start working. For now we are still sitting out here in the yard behind the shop. Oh well, at least we are in our own home. We will have to be out of the rig for at least 2 days & probably more since the weekend will be right in the middle of the job. Friends & family have told us to come stay with them & we will do that for at least the weekend. The rest of the time we will stay in a motel so we can be near by while the work is being done. I trust these guys but I would feel better if I was here.

Leaving the rig for a few days requires packing & if you have followed the blog you know that is not our strong suit. We don't pack, we just take our whole house with us! That means we don't have much in the way of luggage. Also now if we forget something we can't just walk behind the truck to the trailer to get what we need. More planning & more lists. AAARGH!!!!

I'm starting to stress so I need to stop blogging so goodbye from our damaged home here in Ocala Fl because.......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. I too hate to pack to go anywhere. I would just rather take my whole house with me. Wait.......that is just what we do. Good luck with the repairs. I enjoy your blog.


    1. Welcome to the full time community. It's been 6+years & we haven't looked back. Good travels & maybe we will meet somewhere down the road.