Sunday, April 1, 2012

'12/#9 And The Wheels On The Truck Go Round & Round.....

Bright & early this morning(9am?) we got up. Charlie, our youngest, stopped by to say goodbye on his way to work. We offered him a ride on our way to get some breakfast. We figured while we were out we would drop in on Jessie, our oldest daughter, to share breakfast with her & say goodbye. All this was before we disconnected from the campground & hooked up the truck. And we planned on being on the road by noon, HA!

Once back at the campground we started the process of closing up the trailer & hooking up the truck. Friends started showing up to say more goodbyes, help, & just watch. Now I have to pull out so I can load the motorcycle & some odds-n-ends through the trailers tailgate. In all the excitement I pulled an RV boner & pulled out without my spotter ready & managed to clip a tree branch. There was a small tear in the roof so on top of everything else I've got to fix that before I go. Of course everyone wants to help or offer advice but we are stopping at our favorite RV service center in Ocala anyway, so I guess we will leave a little more money there getting it fixed.

Now that the roof is patched & all our friends have helped us get everything loaded it is finally time to leave but not after more hugs, hand shakes, & tears with promises for next winter. Into the truck, horn honks, waves & we are on our way & it is only 12:30!!! I'm amazed at how we manage to get things done even when it seems like nothing is going right. I guess we really do have an idea of what we are doing!?!?!

As I said we were only going to Ocala FL which is an easy 3 hour drive from Largo. We arrived at the campground around 3pm & got settled in. Fatigue from the hecticness & excitement of hitting the road after 5 months of sitting still took over & it was time for a nap. We will blog, check e-mails, watch a little TV & call it an early night. 6:30am comes around early for us night owls & we have an 8am appointment at the RV shop. Just a safety check & now the roof & what ever else we find that needs to be done.

So good night from our home here in Ocala Fl because.....                                            

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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