Saturday, April 21, 2012

'12/#15 BBBBBBlue BBBBBonnets

We have moved north by about 200 miles & are looking forward to seeing our old pop-up camping friends. We have found a nice campsite on Lake Bardwell near Waxahachee TX & will be here for 3 days. Mary is all excited because there is a field of Texas Blue Bonnets right behind our trailer. She hasn't taken any pictures yet for several reasons. The first is once we got set up & settled in it was starting to get dark & we were tired. The second reason is we woke up to a new weather system. A front has moved in & with it some colder air & wind. As yet Mary has not unwrapped herself from the blanket nor has she decided to turn off the heat. Either way she has definitely not ventured outside. As much as she says she doen't like FL she has become a "Florida Girl". Tempuratures below 70 degrees is cold to her. Oh well, we will have some breakfast & I will drag her out onto the frozen (65 deg?) tundra & get some pictures for FB & the blog.

Speaking of the blog, I am trying to post some pictures on the blog. My new computer has much more capability than my old net-book & I am still trying to learn how to use it. Also blogspot has changed completely & I am trying to figure that out. Does anyone else think it is ridiculous how everything connected with computers always seems to change as soon as you get comfortable with it? They always say it's improved or better or faster or easier to use but it just seems to make it so you have to learn how to do the same things differently. I'm not saying that change is bad, but different is not necessarily better!

I'm getting hungry & have some things to do today. We had a lightning strike a few days ago & I need to replace a couple of fuses. Our surge protector worked & prevented any serious damage so I am happy that it seems to be just fuses. So I am off to make breakfast, drag Mary outside, & see what the day has to offer before we meet up with our friends. So until the next blog, hopefully with Blue Bonnet pictures, so long from our home at Lake Bardwell because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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