Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'12/#18 America The Beautiful

We continued our journey to Wyoming. With Amarillo in our rear view mirror we crossed the last of Texas on this trip. This part of TX was mostly open range with the occasional oil well. Cows here & there, fields of "I don't know", & towns whose dot on the map may be bigger than the actual town did not make for interesting travel. Next was the passage through New Mexico. Now to be fair we barely cut across the NE corner of the state for 100 miles. Not enough to give a fair assessment of NM so we will reserve that for another time. Just let me say that what we saw was a lot like the boring parts of TX.

After NM we were welcomed to Colorado by an information center that was in the downtown area of Trinidad. Can't tell you much about the welcome center because we were not welcome with our trailer & there was nowhere to park. Needless to say we got back on the highway & continued on. The road started to get hillier & the truck was working a little harder. Then we started seeing the mountains in the distance & realized we were finally nearing the Rocky Mountains. As we got closer & closer we started taking more & more pictures.

We have seen a good part of this country in printed media, on TV, or in movies but the images do no justice to the real thing. Seeing Niagara Falls on TV is not the same as standing at the edge in the spray. The Grand Canyon is beautiful in all the post cards & picture books but to stand at the rim & watch the sun change the colors is almost spiritual. We have done both & feel that we will have similar experiences here in the Rockies.

Tonight we will be staying at an RV park in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pike's Peak. How cool is that? We won't have time to stay here but it will be on our bucket list on a future trip. For now we are focused on WY & looking forward to visiting that state & especially Yellowstone National Park. So this is goodnight from our home in Colorado because ........

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Hi, enjoyed your blog. Suggestion about New Mexico, check out Ruidoso, 7000' cool clean mountain air and green. Safe travels to you.