Friday, April 13, 2012

'12/#13 Plans? HA HA!!

It is now Friday & we have spent our first night under our new roof. The tech at Tri Am RV did a great job & we are ready to hit the road. We enjoyed being in our own bed after 3 nights in a hotel so we slept in a little & got a bit of a late start. The wheels were rolling at 11am. Our next stop would be Gulfport MS. We made good time through north FL & across the panhandle. The smoke from the wild fires was thick at times & irritating to the throat, even in the truck with the windows closed & the AC on. Our lunch break was just outside of Pensacola FL. We waited until we were out of all the smoke so we could enjoy our food.

A little more FL & soon we crossed into Alabama. We made a short stop just to stretch our legs. Frequent short stops are recommended to maintain circulation & avoid stiffness or cramps. We try to stop every couple of hours for those reasons & it helps fight boredom that can hinder concentration on the road. Alabama was gone shortly & into Mississippi we go. Just outside of Pascagula we made another stop. As I did my usual walk-around I noticed a tire going down on the trailer. We have been replacing the tires a couple of them at a time & of course this was one I hadn't gotten to yet. I tried filling it up but it wouldn't hold air so Mary got on the phone to our road service.

The tire was changed after a brief wait & we decided to just have our dinner there in the rest area & call it a night. Another perk of having it all with you. We will get to bed early & hopefully get up early. I want to get the tire replaced before we head on down the road. So tomorrow will be a new tire, top off with fuel, & head on down the road again.

Now you know why I say our plans are written in jello. I will say good night to everyone now from our home at a rest area in Mississippi because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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