Monday, April 23, 2012

'12/#17 OUCH!!!

First remember that 7am was just a goal. It was not written in stone, just like the rest of our plans. On the other hand we did hit the road by 7:30 so that was pretty good as far as I'm concerned. Our next stop would be 391 miles down the road in Amarillo with fuel stops along the way. We travel  America  to see the country so we don't always take the interstate. The 2 & 4 lane state roads get us where we are going, let us make good time, & allow us to see the back roads of America. We drive through small towns, farm lands, & undeveloped countryside that you can't see from the super-slab that is the interstate system. I was amazed at how many towns we went through that had smaller populations than my high school. Talk about small town America.

 We stopped after a couple of hours & fueled up. Now this is the first time we fueled up since Livingston so I wasn't surprised to take over 50 gallons. In Amarillo we fueled up before checking in at the campground & managed to take another 25 gallons of diesel. Yes it sounds like a lot but we did drive quite a ways & we also bring our house with us. We then went a couple of miles & checked in to our campground.

This is when things got interesting. We were setting up when I decided that things were going too smoothly. So to make it interesting I smacked my head on one of the slides on the trailer. There was no loss of consciousness yet I had a flashback to NC. That time I tested the strengyh of the trailer hitch with my head & had to take a trip to the local emergency room. Like in NC I put my hand to my head & came away with a handful of blood. Mary was ready to take me to the ER but I wanted to wait. The last time the ER gave me a tetanus shot, something for the headache, & a bill. I figured if the bleeding stopped & there were no concussion symptoms I would be OK. After all my tetanus shot was still good & the bleeding had almost stopped. Mary on the other hand really loves me & wanted to take care of me the best way she could. That meant the ER. When I nixed that she got a bit miffed at me & decided that since I probably had a concussion & was going to die that I could not drive anymore. That means I will be riding shotgun tomorrow.

Since I don't plan on dying any time soon I will be going to bed now, here in our home in Amarillo TX because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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