Thursday, April 19, 2012

'12/#15 Rested And Ready To Move On

The past 3 days have been quite relaxing. Our batteries needed recharging. While we were here in Livingston TX at the Escapees Rainbows End we took the opportunity to check out what may be the largest RV community/organization in the world . The property is over 25 acres & has 3 RV parks. The national headquarters building is here & also houses the Escapee mail forwarding operation. There are deeded lots & the Escapees Care Center.

Rvers will find some 200 sites that range from full hook-ups to tent camping. With everyone belonging to the Escapees we all are part of a close knit group that can sometimes feel like family. We took a tour of the property & were amazed at how it had grown. From a small group of friends that thought that 13 sites would be more than they would ever need to a national organization that has recently issued member #110625. The deeded lots show the diversity & imagination of RVers who want a home base. The lots have anything from a shed with  RV hook-ups to expansive homes with covered RV storage.

The tour took us through the national headquarters. Offices for membership, event organization, & coordination of properties around the country. The mail forwarding operation is housed here & is as organized as any post office. In fact as retired postal workers we were surprised to see so much equipment that was familiar to us. For our friends from the USPS, they even have a BCS with all the most recent updates. It's not as big as what we used at St Pete but it was reminiscent of the original models we saw in the late 90's.

The next day we visited the Escapees Care Center.The Care center is a nursing facility for RVers. The difference is there are no beds. Instead the resident's own RV is parked on the property & they are tended to by volunteers & staff. Meals, transportation to medical appointments, & over all care are provided. Volunteers who stay for specific periods of time get a free camp site & all meals while they volunteer. The big thing is that the "residents" actually are staying in their own homes. It shows how RVers take care of each other throughout their RV life.

We are getting ready to leave the "Motherland" tomorrow & look forward to seeing friends from way back in our pop-up camping days. It is time to get dinner ready & prep the rig for travel. So tonight will be our last night in our home in Livingston TX  because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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