Sunday, April 29, 2012

'12/#20 Settling In & Settling Down

Cody WY is going to be home for a little while so it is time to settle in & after 26 days on the road we are looking forward to things settling down a bit. After getting the rig all hooked up we gave ourselves a self guided tour of the area. You know all the hot spots like the grocery stores, post office, drug stores, & Walmart. First things first in our new home. I also needed a home improvement / hardware store for a minor closet repair. It seems all the rough roads took a toll on the closet rod & all my clothes were on the floor. Well, we found everything & then some(more on this later). The only problem was the local mom&pop hardware stores in the area were both closed by 5pm. No Home Depot & no Lowes anywhere around. Fortunately Walmart had what I needed & all was right in the closet again.

Friday was a day to catch up with team photographer, Mary. Now if you have been following us at all the past few years you know that shutter-bug does not come close to describing Mary's talents. Not only does she take some awesome pictures from a moving vehicle she is quite prolific with the camera. I once talked about her taking 400 pictures a day in Maine, well she has out done herself. Between Douglas & Cody WY, a distance of about 250 miles & a span of 6 hours, she took close to(get ready) a thousand pictures. Yes, I said a thousand. That is a one with three zeroes. How you might ask does one take a thousand pictures? First you need 3 cameras, all with empty memory cards & fully charged batteries. Then you need a subject such as the Rocky Mts and/or the Wind River Canyon. And finally you need to be inspired. Duh, the Rockies!!!

 All I can say is click, click, click...."Oh crap, the battery is dead" & "Darn the memory card is full". We had stopped for lunch & Mary downloaded at least 1 memory card before we continued on our way. By the time we pulled into Cody she was complaining that her wrist & index finger was achy. Needless to say Friday was an all day affair going through all those pictures. Oh by the way, Mary decided she needed to organize & post pictures she had stored on her computer since OCTOBER! Our brains were fried by dinner time so we called it a day with the pictures. Soon they will be on FB & Mary is talking about putting together an on line album, so stay tuned.

I'll blog more later, but for now I can say we have met some very nice people already & are looking forward to exploring our new home here in Cody Wyoming because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Shutterbug Mary

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  1. I'm new to your blog... but I don't find it at all unusual that Shutterbug Mary uses cameras and takes thousands of photos.... I, too, use 3 cameras, but my biggest problem is switching back and forth with lenses for my EOS Canon. I hope Shutterbug Mary is more discriminating than me and discards the "bad" shots... but... what exactly IS a bad shot?