Thursday, July 22, 2010

#95 In Search Of Moose

The first thing I would like to do is thank everyone who has started to comment on the blog. Mary lets me know when people talk about the blog but it is nice to get the comments directly & encourages me to write more. So, again thank you & keep the comments coming.

Wednesday turned out to be a pretty miserable day weather wise. We slept in until the rain let up & decided to tour the area in the truck. It was a short drive over to Franconia Notch & the visitor center to see what there was to do for us tourists. I think that is what I will start to put down as my occupation, "Professional Tourist". Armed with a stack of pamphlets that would choke a moose we headed down the road. We stopped at "The Basin" which is a naturally carved pot hole fed by streams & water falls. We weren't the only ones who saw a photo-op so the woods were filled with tri-pods, cameras, lenses, & the click-click-click of dozens of cameras. Mary will be posting on FB shortly. There were also a few brave(or foolish) souls who thought it would be nice to take a dip in the 45-50 degree mountain spring water. BRRRRRRR!!!!!

Continuing on down the pike we stopped at the viewing sites of "The Old Man of The Mountain". The Old Man is a natural rock formation featured on NH licence plates & state quarter but has since collapsed. Since its collapse in 2003 large numbers of people feel that it should be rebuilt. I personally don't think that man should rebuild what Mother Nature built & caused to collapse. Nature is a process that includes creation & destruction. We can't stop Mother Nature. If man was around should he have stopped the erosion that is the Grand Canyon, the volcanoes that are Hawaii, the glacier that made the New England shore line, & more? No, what man should do is minimize his own impact on that that was created by Mother Nature so that generations can see the process that is Mother Nature. Well I'm off my soap box because it is starting to rain.

Mary has found us a "Moose Safari" & hopefully we will see moose this evening. We will be getting in late so the blog & photos will probably not get posted 'til Friday. It is time to get dinner put together so we can head out on the "Moose Safari". If we "bag" ourselves some moose, with a camera of course, we will share with everyone as soon as possible. Until then from our "Moose Safari" base camp (aka home) in Twin Mt NH because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Sounds like you two are having a blast!!! Let us know if Bullwinkle shows up with his friend (I can't recall the name of the squirrel LOL)

    Be safe, as always!

  2. Can't wait for the "Meese" pics.
    ...jan wilkins...