Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#91 Welcome To Bah Hahbah (Huh?)

It was an easy 130 miles plus 20 miles of off roading through construction that would give a Jeep fits. Of course Mary was driving & she accused me of planning the whole thing. We arrived at our campground & got settled in. Since it was early we decided to take the bikes & check out the Bar Harbor area & get our pass for Acadia National Park. The pass is good for the whole week so we figured we would get it now to get it out of the way. Brochures gathered & advice garnered we headed home for dinner & an evening of planning for the next week.

Tuesday started off foggy but Acadia was on the schedule so we hit the road. We thought the fog might not let us see Acadia well but we were wrong. Yes we couldn't see some of the park but what we could see was given a mystical aura. The rocky shore line shrouded in fog gave us some awesome photo ops ( check out Mary on FB). Waves crashing on the rocks one after another was mesmerizing. Climbing over the rocks like kids we took picture after picture. The rock formations size was mind boggling.

The only thing I can say is Disney just can't compete with Mother Nature. We have seen some amazing things in our travels. In New York we have seen the Empire State Building & Niagara Falls, in St. Louis we have seen the Arch & the Mississippi, we have seen the monuments of Washington DC & we have seen the Grand Canyon & were impressed by them all. Impressed yes but also in awe when it comes to the creations of Mother Nature. Man did not imagine, design, or create these gifts, man can only claim to have found what already existed.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so we will take the truck & do some errands. Maybe get some laundry done, make a few phone calls, & just take care of things that need taking care of. We feel that we have an amazing life but it is still life & that includes all the everyday chores we all have. We look forward to more of Acadia & Bar Harbor from our home in Bar Harbor Maine because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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