Sunday, July 11, 2010

#90 Maine Part 2

Saturday & Sunday the rain rolled in. Since we leave Saco ME for parts north it seemed like a good time to relax & take our time getting ready for the next leg of our adventure. I was rudely awakened Saturday with "hurry up, it's not raining!". So with sleep still in my eyes & no coffee(how uncivilized!?) we loaded the motorcycles. It's no fun loading them when it is raining & the weekend forecast wasn't bike friendly so it was a good idea. It just didn't seem so at the time, but as usual Mary was right. After breakfast, catching up on the Internet, & walking the dog we both looked at each other & said"Nap Time!".

After a few hours of good sleep Mary decided to join in the parks activities. They were "tye-dying" t-shirts. It was mostly kids but since Mary is young at heart she fit right in & was a help to some of the little ones that had never heard of or done tye-dying. Flash backs from the 70's of beer, t-shirts, more beer, dye, & more beer, all followed be an unexplained tye-dye tattoo that lasted weeks kept me out of the fun. I was the self designated photographer documenting the event. Mary on the other hand had a blast & came away with a on of a kind memento( see pics on FB).

Sunday we dumped our tanks, scrubbed some of the bugs off the front of the rig, & did some laundry all in preparation of our Monday departure. We don't have to be on the road super early so we may partake of the park's Pancake Breakfast at the Merry Moose. Reasonable prices & we don't have to cook. Our next destination is Bar Harbor ME, just 150 miles down the road. It should be an easy drive & we will be there for a week. There are a number of things we want to see & do one of which is to see puffins. They are a strange looking little bird & Mary thinks they are cute. I guess when she calls me cute she means that I am a strange looking bird. Oh well, she loves me & I can't figure out why.

So this is our last good night from Saco ME but there will be more good nights from our home as we travel down the road because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

PS Happy B-Days to Al & Bob, & Happy Anniversary to Kim & Joe

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