Friday, July 23, 2010


As expected it was a late night & as promised we saw moose. The night wasn't perfect though. The tour bus had broken down so the driver showed up with a borrowed 14 passenger van. The van was borrowed from a kayak tour company so it was a bit soggy with trash bag seat covers. Oh well they promised moose so let's see what happens. Basically they drove us up & down the local roads where moose are regularly spotted. With flood & spot lights we searched the roadside woods. Once the sun was completely down the moose started to appear. First there was a female with a calf. A little farther down the road we spotted the whole family, a bull, cow, & calf. It was dark & the moose stay in the woods so photography was very iffy. Mary got a few pictures & will post them on FB.

Roaming the roads in & around the mountains we saw more moose, some deer, & found a bear rummaging through a restaurant dumpster. By the time the "Moose Safari" was over it was after 11 pm & we had about a 45 minute ride home. It was already late so we figured we would look for more moose. Well there were no more moose but we did see another bear & a family of raccoon. Mary was starting to feel like Marlin Perkins in her own version of Wild Kingdom. I think we will be shopping for safari gear soon. She will be ready for the next safari.

Today we took the bikes out & just rode with no destination in mind. We took pictures of waterfalls, stopped at a covered bridge, & checked out a cider mill & bakery. Tomorrow we will do more nothing on the bikes & see what we shall see. I enjoy reading your comments & look forward to more in the future. Until the next blog, Ta Ta from our home in NH because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Bullwinkle

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