Tuesday, July 6, 2010

#88Maine? Lobster?? Uh Oh!!!

Brookline is in our rear view mirrors & it was 6am. Just like I planned or at least hoped. We made Chichester before 7:30 & had time for breakfast. No one wanted to cook & there was a Dunkin' Donuts down the block. D&D, how can you go wrong? It was just far enough for the dog's morning walk. By the time we were done Camping World was opening & they took our rig in. We had reservations for that evening in Maine but our "jello" had us staying at Camping World overnight if need be. The service guys gave us good news & bad news. The good was that the satellite was fixed & that the slide was fine except for a couple of loose bolts. The bad news was some water damage that I knew about had reached the point that it need looking into. We will make plans for that when we stay in FL this winter.When all was said & done we were on the road by 3pm & the "jello" was not needed.

Well we are now in Maine & you know what that means...LOBSTER!!!!! Lobster & lighthouses seems to be the theme of this jaunt through New England so off we were. We started in Kittery & worked our way north. Some how we missed what ever we were looking for in Kittery & wound up in York. It worked out just fine since this is the home of Nubble Light. We drove past York Beach. The beaches here look nothing like the beaches we've seen from Long Island's south shore to Florida. It's mostly rocks & what sand there is is much darker. Nubble Light was pretty neat. Being on an island separated from the mainland by only a couple of hundred feet it was connected by a small cable car for supplies. Think clothes line & a big bucket. People had to still go by boat.

Driving & touristing is hard work so we had worked up an appetite. What should we have? Maine? LOBSTER! On a recommendation we stopped at the Maine Diner on Rt 1 in Wells. Mary is the lobster lover, I can take it or leave it. I chose to take & I chose wisely. I won't bore you(or tease you) with the details but if you are ever in this area stop in. You won't be disappointed & thank you Laura.

Bellys full we continued our search for lighthouses. Next stop Kennebunkport. A quaint little town with the stigma of being the home of George H Bush. Just beyond in Cape Porpoise we found Goat Island Lighthouse. With a moderate zoom lens we got some great pictures from the rocks. There was an even better view from the pier. I was looking at the boats moored in Porpoise Cove & Mary was watching them unload lobsters from a boat into a refrigerated truck. I kept a good eye on Mary. We didn't need any truck hijackings on this trip. Back into Kennebunkport for some pictures & postcards & it was time to head home. Foxy was waiting & doesn't like her dinner to be late.

We are still full from our late lunch so after unloading the bikes, walking the dog, & blogging I am calling it a night. So I will lay my head down thinking about tomorrow's adventures & Mary will lay hers down dreaming of lobster & this will be in our home in Saco ME because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Mike and I continue to enjoy your blogs immensley. Wish we were traveling with you! You make it seem like we almost are! Looking forward to the next series....Mary and Mike.

    P.S. We have not received our our Lobster care package yet. Hope it didn't get lost in the mail.

  2. Frank, Mary,
    I am soooo jealous!!! I am grateful that you both take the time to keep the rest of us in the loop, while you are enjoying your retirement. The way you write, Frank, I can picture what you and Mary are seeing...so please keep up the blogging, every now and then. Mary is getting better each day on taking pictures and downloading them to FB.
    Love and Miss you guys, Patti Morehart