Thursday, July 29, 2010

# 99 Wasted Day & Wasted Night

The drugs didn't help. Mary still wasn't feeling great & I was feeling like crap. Wednesday, day & night, was a total waste & we will leave it at that. I guess we will have days like that from time to time. It doesn't make for good blogging material.

Thursday morning found us both feeling better. Not great but better, so we decided to take the truck instead of the bikes. Our destination today was Waterbury-Stowe Rd. Why that road? It seems to be the central location for the factory tours & outlet stores of Vermont. Our first stop was Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. Between the dozens of flavors, tens of thousands of pints, & temps going from 130 degrees to pasteurize to -40 degrees it was very interesting. The free samples were a perfect end to the tour. Ben & Jerry's charges for their tour which at first put me off, but once I found out all the money gets donated to local children's charities I felt good about it.

Next stop was the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Not much of a tour but you could see the equipment they use & taste many of their products. The cider was awesome & several of the homemade jams, dips, & spreads found their way into our shopping bag. We also found a couple of spiced apple cider donuts in the bag. Farther on down the road was the Cabot Cheese annex & store. Unlimited samples of some of the best cheeses we have ever tasted. Again the shopping bag started to fill but we only have a small RV refrigerator so we had to restrain ourselves. Full of cheese we headed over to the Champlain Chocolate Co. Fortunately being full of cheese made it easy to exert self control. We left with a very small bag of what we wanted but did not need.

Tomorrow we leave for NY so when we got home we loaded the bikes & got a lot of things ready for our morning departure. Hopefully it will be an early night & an early morning. It is always better to get to our destination early enough to set up & get a good nights rest so that we can get an early start on enjoying our new neighborhood. So this is our last goodnight from our home in Vermont because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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