Friday, July 9, 2010

#89 Shopping & Lighthouses

Wednesday we got up & Mary didn't feel like riding the bikes so it seemed like a good day to shop. There is really no good day to shop for me & I'm sure a lot of you guys will agree, just not in front of the wife. Well on to the outlet mall in Freeport ME. It is supposed to look like a little New England village but looks more like a Disney rendition. It had the usual outlet mall stores plus several tourist dollar black holes. You know the ones with the same t-shirts, key chains, mugs, post cards, magnets, ashtrays, shot glasses, etc as every other tourist trap. If you are from Pinellas County think John's Pass in Maine. We bought NOTHING of substance, some post cards & a t-shirt & it was time to leave. On the way out of Freeport I spotted a bakery called The Flying Pig. Anyone who knows Mary knows she has a thing about pigs and if you know me I have a thing about bakeries so it was a must stop. It was all home made breads, cakes, & cookies. I was in heaven! I bought a loaf of garlic sourdough bread & we each picked out a cookie. Yes, one cookie each. They were the size of dinner plates & sinfully good.

Shopping must be tiring because Mary fell asleep shortly after the truck started moving. A half hour later I woke her & asked if she wanted to see a 1700 lb moose. She perked up when she realized we were at Len Libby's Candy Store, home to Lenny the 1700lb chocolate moose. Check Mary's photos on FB. We had to buy some chocolates but did restrain ourselves & only spent about $10. That was enough for me to call it a day.

Thursday we spent the whole day on the bikes. We started at Camp Ellis Beach & rode the water front north. Past all the beach homes & beach communities, we saw Old Orchard Beach Pier & it's amusement park & we arrived at Cape Elizabeth. The lighthouse there is privately owned & not operating. The owners keep it painted but that's about it. Kind of a let down so off we go to find the Portland Head Lighthouse. There was a sign for Two Lights Lighthouse but we were led to understand that there was a fee. We don't want to go in the lighthouse or any attached museums, we just want to get close enough to see them & take a couple of pictures so we went on. After a wrong turn here, some construction there, we finally find Portland Head Light. The sea fog was a bit thick & Mary was upset that she wouldn't get any good pictures but if you see her pics on FB the fog gave the picture character & insight as to the reason for lighthouses. We stopped at the smallest Post Office we had been to yet. The Cape Elizabeth Station had maybe 20 PO boxes & barely enough room for Mary & me to fit inside. I also think the clerk might have been appointed the job by Ben Franklin himself.

Friday we didn't want to do anything, so we didn't! Breakfast at noon, the morning dog walk at 2pm, & got ready for dinner at 5pm. We need a Chinese food fix & had heard about a really good place in Scarborough. It did not disappoint. We did a little grocery shopping & called it a day. Mary posts on FB & I blog & it is then good night from our home in Saco ME because...

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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