Saturday, July 17, 2010

#93 Back On The Lobster Trail

Friday morning we were supposed to do the sunrise thing at Cadillac Mt. It didn't happen. The 3:30am alarm just annoyed us so we rolled over & went back to sleep. We've seen sunrises & we saw Cadillac Mt so we will put them together in our mind & call it done. I woke up around 9am but Mary wasn't feeling well so I let her sleep & went out to find some breakfast. I had heard about a good bagel place & I needed my bagel fix. By the time I got home Mary was up but still under the weather. I called & cancelled our lunch reservations at the Jordon Pond House. It is a restaurant that is known for their popovers as well as the view of Jordon Pond. We'll try it another time. Mary got herself cleaned up because she wasn't going to miss the carriage ride on the Rockefeller Carriage Road Bridge tour.
The carriage ride was fun. The driver was funny as well as informative & the carriage road itself was beautiful. The road was built specifically for horses, bicycles, & pedestrians to protect the woodland experience for the enjoyment of the general public. Mary was feeling better & taking pictures like a clicking bandit. FB friends can check out the pics. After the carriage ride she felt good enough to go to the Jordan Pond House so off we go to see if we can get in without reservations. Our timing was perfect! They were cleaning up after lunch & setting up for dinner so we walked right in. We shared a lobster quiche, salad, seafood chowder, & of course popovers. It was as delicious as everyone had promised & the view was the perfect back drop. Fog was starting to roll in so we hopped on the bikes & headed home.

Saturday morning the weather was absolutely perfect so after breakfast we headed out in search of a lighthouse. The Bass Harbor Head Light is on the opposite side of the island from Bar Harbor so we figured we wouldn't have to deal with any disruptions from having the First Family in town. It was a great ride out to the lighthouse & we climbed the rocks to get that perfect picture, again seen on FB. We left the lighthouse & rode around Bass Harbor to Bernard & had lunch at Thurston's. It's a little seafood shack right on the pier overlooking the harbor. We had a crab roll that tasted like no other crab we had ever had & corn & clam chowder that could have been a meal all by itself. More pictures of the harbor that look like the idealized fishing villages seen in photos & movies. On the way home Mary got a little bit adventurous & started turning down side streets just to see where they went. I personally love doing that but she usually likes to have everything planned out in advance. We wound up in Northeast Harbor which is just another cute little town that looks like it was passed by the last 100 years.

Finally found our way home & we have to remark about how the Obamas have kept their word about not disrupting anyone else's time in Acadia. It turns out that they were at the Bass Head Light about the same time that we were. If we hadn't seen it on the Internet we wouldn't have known that our paths came close to crossing. The only inconvenience we dealt with was rubberneckers trying to see the Presidential airplane at the airport. It wasn't even the Air Force One, it was a smaller jet that from the road looked like some of the other private jets that we have seen in & out of the airport.
Now it is time for dinner & Mary is ready for her LOBSTER! On down the road to Lunt's Lobster Pound. No, it's not a place where they keep stray lobsters. Pound just means that in addition to a regular menu you can order lobsters sized by the pound. Lobsters are cooked outside & boiled or grilled over an open fire. If you have seen the pics on FB you can see that Mary definitely enjoyed herself & is thinking about going back tomorrow! We will worry about tomorrow tomorrow.
Tonight we get some rest because tomorrow we have to work some "gettin' ready to leave" around the lobster eatin'. So until the next blog goodnight from our home next door to the Obama family in Bar Harbor ME because...
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary & Melvin "The Dear Departed Lobster"
PS Let me know how the picture works. I am trying to get more "blog" savy


  1. YAY! I see you got pictures figured out on your blog! YES! Loving the blog, but still need to go WAY back and catch up on ALL of your travels. Have fun you two!

  2. That looks delicious to me, a favorite of mine. If you get to Maine, have some fried clams & steamed clams and think of me!!! soooo good.
    smiles, grammbo