Sunday, July 25, 2010

#97 And Away We Go!!!!!!

Sundays weather looks kind of iffy so we figure Saturday would be our last day on the bikes. It's no fun loading them in the rain. After breakfast we headed out in search of covered bridges. The weather was beautiful and the roads were a motorcyclists dream. The curves, the hills, & driving through all the small towns it just seemed like we were driving down Main Street America. It is real & so much better than Main Street Disney.

The first bridge we drove over was a 4 trestle wooden bridge in Bath. At about 250' it is the longest wooden bridge in NH. Farther on down the road we drove over the Swiftwater Bridge. The bridge was smaller but no less photogenic. We then stopped for lunch. As I've said before, touristing is tough & we had worked up an appetite. After lunch we found the Haverhill Bridge but were not able to drive on it. It had been restored & was closed to vehicular traffic so we walked across it & took some more pictures. Mary will be posting them on FB.

It had been a wonderful day but we wanted to get home before the evening rains came. Also since it was going to rain most of Sunday we hoped to get the bikes loaded when we got home. Mary was exhausted & not feeling so great so she went to take a nap. I was feeling pretty good after a great day on the bikes so I loaded them in the trailer. No sooner did I have them loaded & the door locked up it started to rain. Talk about perfect timing.

Sunday we slept in. After a late breakfast Mary got started on some laundry & I began dumping our holding tanks. We try to get as much done the day before we leave to make our departure as painless as possible. It doesn't always work but we try. I went out to get some bread & milk & came home $124 poorer. Oh yeah there was almost 40 gallons of diesel fuel in there somewhere. It is so much easier to fill up without the trailer attached. Some of the local gas stations just don't have the room needed to pull in to the pumps with a 40' long & 13'6" high trailer.

Tomorrows ride is only about 120 miles so we don't have to be on the road too early. It will be an easy trip into Vermont, the land of Cabot cheese & Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We look forward to both. So this is our last goodnight from our home in NH because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary

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