Thursday, April 14, 2011

'11/#12 Let The Blogging Begin!

Our next adventure is volunteering at a country music festival. Monday we got a call that we needed to be at the Country Runaway for an 8am meeting on Wednesday in Melbourne. That meant a mad dash to see all the kids, grand kids, & friends so we could get ready to leave. We wanted to get there Tuesday because I didn't want to leave at 3am for a meeting at 8am & possibly have to work the rest of the day. We arrived & set up Tuesday, got a good nights sleep, & were at the meeting at 8am. Only one problem....there was no one holding a meeting. For the next 2 hours we sat around waiting for something to do. Finally the campground host leader decided that we should go & mark the campgrounds. A couple of hours later we were done & told to be back at 9am to start directing the arriving campers. Bright & early that morning Murphy's law kicked into high gear. The hot water heater shut down & we received a panic filed call that we were needed to start directing campers. This was all around 7:30 am. After a frantic on-line search for a mobile RV repair service & a cold shower we were on the job only a few minutes late. It was a long day in the hot sun but we did meet a lot of great people. The organizers(and I use that term loosely) had no idea what was going on or who was supposed to be doing it. Things did seem to get done in spite of those in charge. It felt just like our years working at the Post Office. Food & water eventually showed up & after 2 days on the job we got our staffer T-shirts & credentials. Like I said, no organization. Tomorrow they want us at 7am & hope to have all the campers in & settled by noon. We shall see. For now we are looking forward to a good nights sleep in our home in Melbourne FL because ........ Home is where we park it, Frank & Mary


  1. Oh, busy times - fun times - times to remember in years to come -- have a happy and keep the blog going, we love it!! b ;+) & j %+)

  2. are in my "hometown". I was born in Melbourne and granddad (God bless his soul) lived there until his death quite a few years ago. I have an Aunt there as well :0) Sigh...I so wish I was there with you both....

    Be safe, have fun, and wear sunscreen!! Oh and bug spray :0P