Saturday, April 23, 2011

'11/#15 And Away We Go!

We had a great week with the uncles in Stuart. Just sitting around & talking after cooking & cooking & cooking was nice. Oh, there was some eating too. With belly's & fridge full it was time to go. We couldn't leave without some excitement. First there was some mangled jewelry & a finger. That was Mary's doing as well as Mary's finger. Minor cuts & some pretty good bruising but she will be OK. Apparently it hurts like a son-of-a-gun. Then we had a bit of a flood from the black-water back flush, this was my fault. Fortunately the tank was pretty well flushed so there wasn't much to the "poop" water but water but it was still a mess. Mary also managed to bang her finger(yes that one) while helping me clean up the mess. And yes it still hurt like a .....! I unhooked everything that night so we could get an early start & we had to do an extra load of laundry because of the flood. Oh well.

Bright & early we hit the road after breakfast & a quick check of all things that needed to be checked. RVers will understand. On the road by 8am & Mary was asleep by 8:30. The finger kept her awake most of the night so she climbed into the back seat & went right to sleep. 3 hours later I stopped for fuel & woke her up. I was all excited that I had found diesel for ONLY $3.99 a gallon. We hadn't seen it for anything less than $4.05 since we got to the east coast. Lunch was just over the Georgia border & Mary was awake enough to drive, or as she told me, I was tired & needed to rest. Either way she was probably right.

I slept through most of Georgia & rode shotgun through stop & go traffic through S Carolina. No accidents or construction, just stop & go on a Saturday afternoon. Go figure! I then drove a short ways to a Walmart for some free overnight camping. It's not really camping, just a place to stop for the night & get some sleep. Camping means landing gear down, awning out, slides out, grills & chairs set up. This is strictly taboo in RV circles to protect our right to park overnight in parking lots. Of course like anything else there are those few who abuse the privilege & ruin it for the rest of us but what can we do?

Well here we are at Walmart & I am going bananas! Diesel is $3.89 per gallon & 3 cents less with a Walmart card!!! Can you imagine being excited by $3.86 a gallon? Oh well, if we couldn't afford this lifestyle we woundn't be living it. While we are here we will patronize Walmart as a gesture of thanks for allowing us to stay overnight. Again this is part of the RV code of conduct.

Tomorrow should be a short drive compared to the 450 miles we drove today & will find us in N Carolina for another RV rally. This a smaller multi-chapter rally of Escapee members. Hopefully we will see some of the people we saw in Goshen last year & more importantly we hope to meet new RVers & make more friends. So good night from our home at Walmart because.....
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Still, TOTALLY JEALOUS! No decision on the 'Silver Bullet' yet, thinking I'm going to wait till my next 3 day weekend and drive back to do another 'once-over' but more mechanicals this time.