Friday, April 15, 2011

'11/#13 Holy %@#$!!!!!

We were up, out, & on the job by 7am. Today we decided to stay in the golf cart together. Mary had had enough standing in the sun directing campers & I missed having her with me. Those plans lasted about 10 minutes. They needed someone to man the entrance so Mary agreed to do that for a little while. Meanwhile I was driving around shuttling concert goers around & helping them get the appropriate passes, wrist bands, etc. The next time I passed Mary a local news channel was interviewing her. I can't leave her alone for a minute without her getting into something. Next as I was ticket trouble shooting I hear Mary over the radio trying to get one of the bands, who were lost,back to the stage area. Now she is making friends with the band "Low Cash Cowboys". It was time to get her some relief from the gate. Well after I got her back in the cart we had to make sure the signs on the road were correct to guide the rest of the bands to the stage. Before we got the signs up here comes a bus & truck caravan. So what does my darling wife do? She jumps out in front of Dierks Bentley's bus waving a sign to direct them in to the correct entrance with traffic flying by her in both directions. After this we got water to volunteers & shuttled guests & volunteers around the park. We decided to head back to our rig for lunch instead of waiting for the promoters to get around to it. Lucky for us, it started to rain just as we got home so we sat & waited out the weather. We were supposed to be done by noon but there was more to do. We didn't need to be to the concert until 6pm so we kept right on doing our thing. In the process we got to see "Steel Magnolia" & Dierks Bentley's grandmother. Not quite all access but close enough. At 5 o'clock we headed into the concert. For the next 5 hours we just sat back & enjoyed the music. The concert started with John Anderson, then came our favorite of the day Eric Church, & finally Fridays headliner Dierks Bentley. It was a great show & worth all the work we did. But we weren't done. Oh no, there was more. After the concert we started shuttling guests back to their campsites. In reality we were delivering drunks to their RVs. Some people had better times than others if you know what I mean. Then we found this remote parking lot & I mean remote. A thousand miles away down a dark deserted dirt road to an empty field. We couldn't let people walk out there so we kept shuttling them until there were no more. We got back to our trailer at 1am. So much for being done by noon. We are exhausted. Needless to say we are sleeping in tomorrow in our home in Melbourne because.... Home is where we park it, Frank & Mary

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