Saturday, April 30, 2011

'11/#18 A Little Now & A Little Then

We are in the mountains of NC & having a great time at the Escapees Rally. We are meeting new friends & sharing RV experiences. That is a corner stone to the RV life style. Yesterday we went into Ashville to see the Biltmore Estate. It is supposedly the largest private residence in the US. Without a tape measure & full access I will have to take their word on it, but I can tell you that it is quite impressive. I am not into gaudiness or ostentatious displays but big is big! Some of the features in the home were way ahead of the times technologically & the grounds are beautifully landscaped. The varieties in the garden & green house had Mary drooling & snapping pictures until her camera was gasping for air. I am sure they will be posted on FB soon.

After exploring the 250 room house & as much of the 8000 acres that we could handle we went home & promptly took a nap. Waking up in time for dinner we finished some leftovers & watched the Royal wedding. And watched & watched & watched. Almost as boring as a 2 hour rehash of a presidents 10 minute speech. My only thoughts on the subject are that the couple look genuinely happy & that it seems like it will be as much a marriage as it was a wedding.

That was the now, & now a little then. Remember the country music festival? Remember Mary being in the middle of everything? Remember Mary's interview for local TV? Remember the interview for the local press? Well it is still going on! On clean-up day we met a little girl who was disappointed that one of the radio station contests had never materialized. Mary wanted to do something, but what? Well she wrote the radio station & sent pictures of the little girl in hopes that someone would take notice. It worked! Little Jenifer is now going to DJ the morning show & get all the perks the station could think of. The station let us know & thanked us for being "Runaway Country Angels". Shortly after that Mary gets an e-mail from Florida Today ( the local paper) saying they got a call from a friend at the radio station & is making her an honorary staffer. That's my girl, in the middle of it all & making people happy. She makes me happy every day so that makes me a REAL lucky guy!

Today we have nothing to do & will take all day getting it done. My back is doing better but could use some rest, Mary overdosed on flowers & mansion & needs to recuperate, so today is the day for that. We may get together with some of the RVers for a campfire tonight & Sunday will be our last day here. Monday we head for Dollywood!!! So I am signing off from our home in the mountains of NC because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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