Sunday, April 24, 2011

'11/#16 Just A Brief Stop...Where?????

A night at the Walmart campground in Walterboro wasn't too bad. It was cool so no AC needed & we were tired enough that the overnight traffic didn't bother us. RVers learn to deal with the noise since RV parks always seem to be next to interstates or RR tracks. We actually slept in since today was just a short drive of 250 miles. Breakfast, shower, & on the road.

We stopped at lunch & called the campground to see about coming in a day or so earlier than the rally started. Stupid us!!! It's Easter Sunday & everyone is closed including campground offices. This campground also has a security gate so we couldn't even get in & settle up with them on Monday morning. Oh well, house on wheels & plans in jello one more time. Plan B. Either another Walmart or a campground on the way that would be open, hopefully the later since it is kind of warm & we would like to use the AC. Luck was with us & we found the Hominy Valley RV Park. It's on Hominy Valley Rd off of Hominy Creek Rd past the Hominy Valley Baptist Church. Ten points to anyone who can tell me where Hominy Valley is without Google-ing it.

Turns out this RV park is just what we were looking for. It's right beside the road & has full hook-up level gravel sites with 50 amp electric. Woo Hoo! Fire up the AC!!! Mary had driven in the last couple of hours & decided that she would back the rig into the site. No problem there, she has done it before but it has been awhile. Two shots, including moving it over 6 inches to clear one of our slides & she was in. I knew she could do it but we agreed that she should drive & back it in more often. No mater who backs it in we use the walkie-talkies. It makes backing in sooo much easier. That is why we call them "marriage savers".

For Easter we are going to make us a nice ham dinner with all the trimmings & then call it a day.
So Happy Easter to all from our home in Hominy Valley because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing day in Hominy Valley. Hats off to Mary for 'taking the wheel'!

  2. .. great story ;+) & %+)