Monday, April 18, 2011

'11/#14 We Survived!

First let me apologize for the lack of paragraphs in the blog. For some reason when I post the web site deletes all the paragraphs I put in. I hope to solve the problem soon.

The music festival is over & we are exhausted. We also found out that we may be getting too old to work the concert tour. The experience was one we will never forget & we hope to be able to come back next year. Mary spent a lot of time around the stage & vendor areas & was able to see & meet some of the stars. I was in a golf cart most of the time running around trouble shooting. People who were lost, needed arm bands, or transportation from remote lots were the ones I dealt with. Their appreciation made me feel like a rock star. Sunday was clean-up day. The stage was dismantled while the few volunteers that stuck around stacked chairs, picked up traffic cones, & made sure all the campers were able to get out of the park. Again it was a lot of hard work but we had a great time & met some awesome people.

Monday we left Wickham Park & made a brief stop at a Giant RV World of Melbourne. The brakes weren't working quite right & I wanted some one to check the water heater again. Cold showers are no fun! Once again we got our moneys worth out of our extended warranty & were on our way. Next stop is the uncles in Stuart. We will spend the rest of the week visiting them & then will be on our way towards the mountains of Tennessee.

So tonight we will sleep well in our home in Port St Lucie because.....

Home is where we part it,

Frank & Mary

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