Friday, October 28, 2011

'11/#53 Soon, Soon, Not Soon Enough

One more night here in Port St Lucie & then we are headed "home". We have had a great time here with the uncles. Stories told & retold, cooking, & of course eating filled most of the time. Mary helped Uncle Don with his garden & enjoyed getting her hands dirty. We enjoy cooking & were able to cook some meals they might not cook for themselves while making sure that there was enough to fill the freezer. As much as we enjoy doing this for them they appreciate it even more, but the best part is just spending time with them.

The weather here is turning for the worse today. With the remnants of hurricane Rina coming through we are expecting some rain tonight & tomorrow morning. Since it is not fun hooking up in the rain I am getting as much done as I can now. Tanks have been dumped & all the hoses are put away. We will run off our holding tanks for the next 2 days. The only things we will have left to do is bring in the slides, stow the electric cord & hook up the truck. Then we will be on our way.

I know it is just 2 more days but I can't wait to get back to the kids, grand kids, & all our friends. Apparently they are as excited as we are. Texts have been flying about like "where are you?" & "when will you be here?" & the heart tugging "we miss you". Even our 8year old granddaughter is keeping track. When she got the post card from St Augustine she ran to the map & announced to everyone "THEY'RE HERE!!!! They're in FL & will be back soon!!!!!!!!". It's nice to know they are as excited as we are.

Well tonight will be our last dinner with the uncles before moving on & we have to get ready to head over there. So I will sign off now in my last blog from our home in Port St Lucie because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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