Sunday, October 2, 2011

'11/#47 Signs That It Is Almost Time

Time is getting short here in Pigeon Forge & as expected it is going by quickly. The week got off to a slow start. Monday Mary woke up not feeling well. She had been dragging her butt for a couple of days & it finally caught up with her. She spent the day in bed while I took care of some projects that needed to be done before we leave. I also did some errand running & just relaxed. Tuesday Mary was feeling much better. I let her sleep in & when we got up we did some laundry. Later on we went to one of the dinner shows on our Dollywood perks list. This one was called The Hatfields & McCoys. The show was a music filled "feud"/comedy that followed the usual fried chicken &/or B-B-Q with the appropriate sides. The show was corny & the food was so-so but it was almost free. We usually have to pay for all or part of the dinner while the show is free when we take advantage of the perks.

Wednesday we had some running around to do. I needed to have my glasses adjusted & the nearest Lenscrafters is in Knoxville some 25 miles away. As built up as Pigeon Forge/Sevierville has become there still is very little that doesn't pertain to the tourist industry. While at the mall Mary did some more "baby" shopping. She is just loving this grandmommy thing. She also found some real bargains for all the kids & managed to make our Christmas shopping almost complete. On the way back we stopped at Walmart & a couple of gift shops. All the tourist attractions are decorating for the fall harvest so there were numerous stops for the obligatory photo-ops. Then it was on to The Comedy Barn. Promoted as wholesome family entertainment it lived up to the claim & was "laugh 'til it hurts" funny. Again it was free as a "Dolly" perk. We tried adding up all the perks we have taken advantage of & figure we have saved at least $2000. Once we leave here I'm sure I will come up with a more accurate total.

The seasons are starting to change for REAL! Highs the past 2 days have been near 60deg & the lows have hovered near 40deg. That means the heat is on & the electric blanket is out. It also means it is time to head for Florida. Hitch-itch is getting stronger, the weather is getting colder, & most importantly we miss the grandkids. By my calculations we will be on the road in less than 2 weeks & will arrive "home" by November 1st. Yes that calculates to 2 weeks to travel some 700 miles. We are making some stops on the way to see friends, family, & just sight-see on the way. That is the joy of being retired & living the RV lifestyle.

Well we have more chores to do & more perks to take advantage of so I will say so long for now from our home in Tennessee because....

Home is where we park it,
Fran k & Mary

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