Saturday, October 8, 2011

'11/#49 I Must Be Doing Something Wrong

I have said more than once that we are short timers. I have counted down the weeks. I have counted down the days. And tomorrow is our last day of work at Dollywood. So why am I so tired? This isn't new to me...I've been a short timer before. So why am I working so hard at a job I plan never to return to? There can be only 1 of 2 explanations. Either I am so conscientious about my job or I really like my coworkers & don't want to screw them over. Well I have made some very good friends so I will lean towards the later.

Well we have one more day at Reds & then one more week before we hit the road. This week will fly by so we must buckle down to get everything done. The hardest part will be saying goodbye to all our new friends. My guess is there will be tears shed along with the hugs, handshakes, & promises to stay in touch. That is the bitter part of the bitter/sweet departure.

The sweet part is getting to see the grandkids again. It has been way too long & we have the bonus of the arrival of a new grandbaby. We will see all of our kids, our friends, & look forward to the arrival of all our fellow snowbirds from all parts north. It is all part of our case of hitch-itch & will will scratch the itch as soon as the wheels start rolling.

So this is the final week of blogs from our home in Tennessee because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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