Sunday, October 23, 2011

'11/#52 The Last Leg

Our time in St Augustine is over & we will be moving on to our last stop before arriving at our home base for the winter. We have had an awesome time as we always do. Good food, good friends, & good times seems to be the theme of our life on the road. We met up with some friends who live here permanently after several years on the road. They took us to lunch at a very nice restaurant & we finally had some real fresh seafood. As much as we enjoyed our time in Tennessee I will say that they do not know much about seafood. The best seafood we had there was from Long John Silvers. If you want fish in TN you had better get used to catfish & not much else.

The next day we took the motorcycle down to Daytona Beach. We made a quick & expensive stop at J&P cycles for some add-ons to make the bike more comfortable for both of us. Then we rode into Daytona. We just missed Biketoberfest & were glad. It sounds like fun but we aren't into the bar-hopping bike rallies. After a few pictures & a postcard or two we headed back towards St Augustine but this time we stayed off the interstate & took the beach road(A1A) to find Betty's A1A Cafe. It was recommended for it's fresh fish, lobster, & onion rings. It lived up to it's reputation & we left stuffed & satisfied for the rest of the ride home, but first across the street for a quick walk on the beach & some pictures of the Atlantic Ocean. By the time we got home the sun was going down & it started to get chilly so our timing was just right.

The next day we rode into St Augustine & walked through the town. As the oldest town in America the historic district is all within walking distance as most of the original settlers also walked as their only means of transportation. St George Street is all original structures now used for store fronts, restaurants, & historical preservation. The water front is dominated by the Bridge of Lions & the sail boats moored in the harbor. There are also more old homes that are now bed & breakfast inns & of course the romantic horse drawn carriages that will take you on tours throughout the city. For dinner we stopped in at Harry's & dined outside from their Louisiana style menu. This a regular stop for us & we are never disappointed.

I don't know how but I think I lost a day. All I know is that Saturday we got up & went to the flea market that is next to the RV park we are staying in. Some browsing, some shopping, some haggling, & we left with a few bargains that we felt we just couldn't pass up. Some might call it junk but as they say "one man's junk is another man's treasure".

Sunday was our last day here so we decided to do something different. We have seen St Augustine many times & wanted to see it differently. So we took a tour boat that cruised the harbor, the inlet, past the lighthouse, & under the Bridge of Lions. The weather was beautiful & we saw the city from another point of view. As a bonus we saw several pairs of dolphins cavorting in the harbor. It seems that this is the time of year that dolphins get frisky & make little dolphins. It was time to head home.

We loaded the motorcycle & had some dinner. Then we did some laundry. I know, it seems like chores always pop up when we are having fun but these things don't take care of themselves, but as I have said before, we aren't on vacation this is our lifestyle, warts & all. Also Mary has asked me to let everyone know that she is still trying to catch up with her pics on FB. We seem to take them faster than she can post them.Tomorrow we hit the road for Port St Lucie. We will spend some time there with the uncles before we turn west on the final leg of our journey. So I will say goodnight for the last time from our home in St Augustine because.....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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