Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'12/#43 It's Home In More Ways Than One

It's been five days since we got here and we are settling in. The rig is all set up and we did some winterizing in anticipation of colder weather. We drove around town and found stores, restaurants, and propane dealers that will make our life comfortable while we are here. Then the weather changed. The day we got here it was 80 degrees and Mary was in shorts. Two days later and we weren't expecting the highs to get out of the 40's. Thank goodness for electric heaters, electric blankets, and snuggling. Especially the snuggling. There is always a silver lining.

Next adventure, Amazon.com. Monday was more of a meet and greet. It was held in the rec room at our campground. They mostly told us where the employees entrance was, gave us a new employee pep talk, and took our mug shots for our employee ID's. Our campground is walking distance to work so we were given reflective vests to wear when we walk. We also got our reporting time for Tuesday.

8:30am Tuesday morning we reported with 90 other people for safety and orientation. We walked into the building and there was machinery, rolling stock, and conveyor belts every where with the accompanying noises. It was a giant warehouse with concrete floor everywhere. It reminded us of the Post Office plants we worked in for years. The biggest difference was the lack of paper dust that covers everything in the PO. Like the PO we saw all the safety and harassment videos. There was also the usual demos on lifting, pushing, and pulling. Then we were reminded that Wednesday was our first day starting at 6:30am.

We are going to bed early tonight because 6:30 comes around awfully early. So good night from our chilly home in Campbellsville KY because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. You'll have to check out our blog and compare days. Good luck!