Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'12/#40 Cody In Our Rear View Mirror

Our last day of work at the Buffalo Bill Village has come & gone. It was bitter sweet saying goodbye to our new friends & also getting back on the road. We plan to come back next season so we should see everyone again next year. But you never know. Like I always say, "our plans are written in jello". Many of us were leaving the next morning so there was a mass exodus of RVs heading out to all points on the compass. Some go to Texas, others go to Arizona, there are a few headed to Florida, & at least 1 going to Washington. These are some of the places RVers call home. Then there are those with destinations that are not home but new work camper positions. They are going to places like N & S Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Kansas, & like us Kentucky. Safe travels to all & if we don't see you next year in Cody maybe we will see you out on the road somewhere.

Ok, now lets talk about that jello crap I referred to before. We left Cody & headed east. All was fine until we started to climb the Big Horn Mts. The truck started to lose power & there was nowhere to stop. We were passing through towns(and I use that term loosely) with populations of as little as 10. No services & spotty cell coverage left us with no choice but to push on. Once we were out of the mountains we made a few phone calls. Mary found a shop & a campground in Rapid City S Dakota that were close to each other & could take us in the next day. With any luck we will be back on the road again soon & the jello will not have been jiggled around too much.

After limping into Rapid City we set up the rig in the dark. Most RVers will tell you that they get off the road before dark to avoid doing this as well as avoiding rush hour traffic, such as it may be in the area. Also most full time & extended travel RVers are retired so the calender has less importance than to those who have to punch a clock. It has been a long day so I will wrap this up. We will have dinner, watch a little TV, & call it a night in our home (hopefully not for long)in Rapid City,SD because......

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary

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  1. Keep us posted on how the truck repairs are going. Got you both in my thoughts and prayers. Glad that you've been able to find a repair shop you trust.