Thursday, November 1, 2012

'12/#44 Thanks To The PO For The Amazon Prep

Who would've thought. 32 Years in the Post Office has done nothing else if it hasn't taught me how to deal with the working conditions at Amazon. Most people here are concerned with having to stand for hours on concrete floors. The scheduled breaks and lunches frazzle some of our coworkers. Then there is the factory environment. Many are bothered by the lack of windows, the constant drone of all the machinery, and the harsh fluorescent lighting but it feels like home to us. Yes a home we gladly ran from screaming, but home.

The one thing we never really did in the PO was get to be at work by 6:30am. Most of our years in the PO we work some form of night shift, so 6:30am comes around real early for us. As they say, "It would be better if 6am came around noon". We are managing and Mary is falling asleep before 10pm. Actually she fell asleep before 8:30pm last night. Our meal schedule is falling into place and we have found all the stores we need to be able to cook all the meals we need to make it through our commitment with Amazon.

Since we arrived we have met up with several friends we have made in our travels. First we caught up with Mr and Mrs Pat who we met and worked with in Dollywood last year. On our first day at work we ran into Doniel and her parents Don and Barbara. We worked with them in Cody this summer before they left to work the beet harvest in SD. We've done it and won't do it again. Just yesterday we ran into Richard and Sandy who we also worked with at Dollywood. We've all talked about getting together once our schedules are set. This is one of the joys of RVing. You never know when you will meet an old friend out on the road.

Well it almost time for dinner and shortly after that we will call it a night. Like I said, 6:30am comes awful early. So I will say good night from our home near Amazon in KY because....

Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Thanks for the tips on our blog. We did buy better insoles for our shoes. Hope that helps!

    Steve's dad worked as a postmaster in Winter Garden Florida for many years. His name is Jim Crowe. Who know's, maybe you met him.

    Have a great time at Amazon. I'll be counting down the days until we are released and head to Florida!

  2. Ok, so start to work at 6:30, is that Monday through Friday? Gotta go look on Google Maps to see what part of KY you're actually in. Does this work last through the end of the year? Who would've thought that working at the PO would actually 'prepare' you to work somewhere else???? LOL