Saturday, October 27, 2012

'12/#42 Some Things Are Not Blog Material

It has been a while since my last blog. Partly because we have been traveling uneventfully & had a nice quiet stay with friends for a couple of weeks. Also I just didn't feel like blogging. Blogging is not a job for me it is something I enjoy doing. When it isn't fun I take a break from it. Hopefully this is the beginning of a more fun stretch & I will be blogging more.

After the truck fiasco we hit the road again. Our destination was still Indiana but instead of going through Elkhart we were heading straight to the Indianapolis area. The truck thing was a major "jello stir" that put us behind schedule. We stayed with friends for 2 weeks just winding down & enjoying each others company. That's what friends are for, right? Had to get the truck checked for a minor issue but everything was OK. Larry & I went to the shop while Mary & Alice went shopping. It worked well for everyone.

We have stayed with Larry & Alice several times. Every time we are there Mary says she wants to see the covered bridges in the area but for one reason or another it doesn't happen. This time we arrived just before the start of the covered bridge festival. Larry opted to stay home & watch the dogs while I drove Mary & Alice to the festival. Think giant flea market & craft fair with a covered bridge as the center piece. We had a good time & didn't spend too much money.We left there & drove to one of the other bridges that had it's own festival going on. It seems that towns with covered bridges use this to have a fall festival of some sort to help with the economy. Whatever works, right? With all the traffic there is not a lot of bridge sightseeing. Larry says he will drive us around to see all the other bridges another time when the festivals are not going on. Sounds like a plan.

We got a call from Daisy who lives on the other end of IN. She was coming over to the festival & wanted to meet up. Being this close we couldn't say no, so it was back to the festival for Mary & me. Again we had a good time & only spent a little money on things we wanted the first time around. It was good seeing Daisy & Jen but we had to go. We only had a few days before we had to leave the Larry & Alice Family Campground & do a few chores before we hit the road again.

The road was calling & so was Kentucky. We had jobs lined up at Amazon & wanted to get there a few days early. We like to check out the area for grocery stores, laundromats, restaurants, etc & just to get the lay of the land. We will be here for 2 months & hope to make a bit of $$$ to help feather the nest egg so to speak. Monday is our first day on the job & we have no idea what we are getting into. Stay tuned to find out.

Well I hope this is me getting back into the blog so I will sign off now from our new home in Campbellsville KY because......

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary


  1. I keep thinking I'll ask this question for Mary, but always seem to forget. How in the world did you two decide to work for Amazon through the holidays? Sounds like an interesting job for 2 months.
    Enjoy, Derek

    1. Derek, we were recruited at the RV show in Tampa. Amazon is a job that is always talked about in workcamper circles

  2. I think it is awesome that you and Mary get to experience the things that you do. Until this blog entry I haven't heard the words covered bridge since I was in elementary school. I doubt they even teach about those anymore so I wonder how many of the younger people even know what one is. Stay safe in your travels my friend and I hope to see you guys when you hit Florida.