Saturday, August 15, 2009

#13 "Cool" but Fuzzy?

Let's see, how should I start? Well I might as well do this backwards. On Fri I was getting the bikes cleaned up for a ride on Sat w/ some of the other bikers from the campground. While cleaning one of the bikes I stood up abruptly and my head was equally abruptly stopped by the hitch on the trailer. Ow *&$#%#&*!!!!!! I held my hand to my head and, WHOA!!!, lots of blood. Son of a *&$*@*@!!!!! Ice, compression, worry from the wife, and 2 hours later a trip to the ER. A choice, needles & staples or let it stop by itself. Since it had pretty much stopped already I opted for no more holes in my head. See, those people who say motorcycles are dangerous are right, but only if you CLEAN THEM! Saturday morning we skipped the ride only because my helmet wouldn't fit on my fat head with the recent incident's augmentation(aka bump-on-the-noggin).

OK, lets see if I can confuse you'all. That's Southernese for "everyone". I think I'm hangin' out in the hills a little too long.Back to Monday. Did some shopping @ the local veggie stand. Mary is loving the fresh produce and I am loving eating it! Fresh tastes sooooo much better. A little on-line shopping that night. Shopping, a way of life that just follows you where ever you go! Tuesday was a lazy day because it rained all day. Any day can be a lazy day if you don't have things to do. Wednesday we slept 'till noon since the morning brought more rain. After the sun came out we decided to wash the rig. Got halfway done and will finish the rest another day. The road grime isn't going anywhere.

Thursday we got up and wanted to go for a ride. Gatlinburg TN seemed like as good a destination as any. Waynesville to Cherokee on to 441 through the Great Smokie Mountains National Park. 441 follows 2 different rivers over the mountains, down the valleys, up and around curves and twisted roads that only a twisted mind on a motorcycle can appreciate. 30 miles later, Gatlinburg! For those of you from Pinellas County think John's Pass w/mountains. If I didn't mention it before Cherokee is John's Pass w/Indians. Everything has gotten so commercial that the journey has truly become more than the destination! As long as the natural landscape of this country remains, there will always be beauty to be seen from a motorcycle,RV, or car window when we travel. Our trip back was supposed to be a straight shot on I40. Surprise!!! I40 is not your typical 8 lane super slab of highway. It was mostly 2 lanes each way, again up and over and around mountains at a posted speed of 55mph(50mph for trucks). An hour later we pulled into the campground, looked at each other and couldn't bear to ask the other to cook dinner. With sore butts(150 motorcycle miles) we climbed into the truck and treated ourselves to dinner out. Afterwards we walked the dog, called it a night, and fell asleep to dreams of twisting mountain roads. We slept in Friday morning and that's where this Blog began.

Aside from the ER excitement, we are still having a blast and living it up in our home on wheels in NC because....

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary


  1. Oh my Frank, so sorry about your "fuzziness" happening -- sure hope you heal quickly. Aside from that, sounds like you both are having great days! :+)
    Just heard the latest weather-cast and it appears we will not be hit by hard storms -- the folks said the large stormy mass coming across is more likely to turn northward and stay in Atlantic -- that's good.
    Keep having fun and beeee careful!!
    Beryl & John

  2. god your not to smart and you mary you must hit harder next time he might not believe the trailer hitch story! grace say's hi

  3. Mary and Frank,
    Sounds like you are both enjoying life in retirement!!!!! So happy for you. Keep the blog going fun to read. Stay safe.