Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#10 Retirement, Aahhhh

Well here we are in Waynesville NC. The plan is to be here a month & I don't see that being a problem. Our rig is parked in a site that backs right up to Jonathan Creek. Lounge chairs, camp fire, babbling creek, a drink in my hand...that's the life.

First I have to take care of some business. Apparently someone felt neglected when I said that we spent time w/ family on the east coast of FL because she wasn't mentioned by name. Yes we were visiting uncles, but I forgot to mention that my daughter,Jessica, also was there. She also brought Jim(friend/family). I hope this makes up for any slight that my have occurred.

Now back to our adventures. When we set up in NC Mary found a stowaway. While she was in the shower she was accosted by a Florida lizard. I guess the lizard wanted to go on vacation. After 5 days of lizard terror(sounds like Godzilla) the hitchhiker was banished from our home. Apparently Mary is going to have her own version of "Wild Kingdom". One day while riding our bikes around the mountains she captures the elusive NC Yellow Jacket, IN HER MOTORCYCLE JACKET!!!! After being stung twice & screaming obscenities over her microphone, she stopped,killed the bee, and swore vengeance on all flying /stinging creatures on Earth.

On another tangent, we have 4 grand kids, all living in FL. As dutiful Grandparents we spoil them in any way possible. Now we have to spoil them from afar, which means buying & shipping gifts from wherever we are. Needing to send a package we prepared for our trip to the Post Office. Gifts, packing, tape, name tags, etc. We arrive @ the PO... name tags on gifts, gifts & packing in box, box sealed & taped uhhh...Mary's address book is @ home. Ooops! Mary waits, Frank runs back to the trailer for the address. 57 total years in the Post Office & we don't remember that you need an address to ship a package. We're retired, we don't have to remember anything!

Well I am going to sign off for now, but I will return. I don't remember everything that has happened(see above) but when I do I will add it to the Blog.

From our home in Waynesville NC because,

Home is where we park it,

Frank & Mary


  1. Thanks Frank.....I love you too. I am not going to kill all flying and stinging creatures....but if anymore fly up my sleeve!!!!

  2. Mary,

    Did you manage to stay on your bike whilst this creature was stinging you???? If so, you are a better woman than me! Kudos!!

    Donna MT

  3. Waynesville, NC? I just "googled" it on a map and it looks like it's (somewhat) close to where I'll be in a couple of weeks. I'm heading to Johnson City, TN (on the other side of the mountains from you) for a day or two (depends on flights). If you guys happen to still be there then maybe we can get together for dinner.