Tuesday, August 18, 2009

#14 Reply, Reply, Reply!

Well I guess everyone has heard about my head vs trailer incident. Based on the comments and e-mails I am glad to hear that all are getting a little chuckle out of my pain. To those who say I should be slowing down in retirement, you have got it all wrong. Now is the time that I can go out and grab life by the horns, live life with gusto, not waste one precious day of my life. To those who have hinted that maybe Mary really is the one who gave me the conk on the noggin', knowing Mary, do you think that I would have gotten out of the hospital that quick? If Mary did it to me I probably did something wrong, after all I am the husband and as all husbands know,
"it's always the husband's fault". To all of you who suggested that I should permanently wear a hard hat of some kind...this is not the first knock on the head that I have had. Maybe all those lumps and bumps are what makes me the writer of such a spellbinding Blog!

Ok, lets Blog. Sunday we drove the truck (possible inclement weather) over to Hendersonville to see some friends that we met in our RV circle. That is the great thing about RVing. You meet the best people from all over the country and never feel like you really leave them when you travel. Like one of our RV friends said"RVers live in a neighborhood 3000 miles wide". On Monday we drove the truck to Ashville,home of the Biltmore Estate. A little too pricey for my taste to walk through America's largest home, so we drove into downtown Asheville. Disappointing. A small city with urban blight creeping in. There's always tomorrow. Tomorrow, Tuesday. We saddle up and head out to another stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The morning dew is still on the grass and the road, but the sun is rising and it is turning into a beautiful day. More mountains, twisting roads, and awesome vistas. I know I sound like a broken record, but after 20 plus years in flat Florida the mountains are breathtaking. We ride to the BRP Asheville visitor center, buy t-shirts, watch a movie and sit out a short rain storm. Heading home, the roads are wet so we stop for lunch. Discussing the fact that we have covered 85 miles of the parkway, we realize that when we ride the whole 469 miles plus 105 miles of Skyline Drive into Virginia we will have a real adventure to tell about!

As you may surmise, I am healing and can get my helmet over the added nugget on my head! I hope all are well and enjoying our Blog. Please write and let my know. Until the next time...

From NC for a few more weeks because ...
Home is where we park it,
Frank & Mary


  1. Ok, was going to say, Biltmore, it's worth it, but just looked at their site, and DAMN! $47.00!!! OUCH! Still, when you can go and make a day of it, it's worth all $47.00, of course, multiplied times 2! Unbelievable that a home that's almost 115 years old can be so grand! I mean, just look at their home page, http://www.biltmore.com/ AWESOME!
    Wish I was riding along side the two of you. Maybe in a few more years......

  2. Frank,
    You definitly have an enjoyable writing style...I found your entries quite entertaining(perhaps a book in your future?)

    Keep on, keeping on, and enjoy your retirement, as life was intended to be joyful among the bumps:)